Sex Trafficking: Why Does The Media Not Care?

SexTraffickingEvery year sex trafficking grows at our major sporting events. This is a problem for our women and young girls in society as well as men and boys, but mainly this effects young women and girls. When major events happen where this is a huge problem it rarely, if ever, makes national headlines.

This year Lou Giglio, the pastor who was denied access to give a prayer at the inauguration due to giving a sermon in 1996 on homosexuality, held his annual passion conference in which the main topic was sex trafficking and the slave trade which is a huge problem the media fails to cover.

I’m linking to a religious site as they have extensive posts, readings, and books. I am curious why we don’t have sticker laws for sexual predators and why, if they do exist, it seems no cares about enforcement or making this a huge issue.

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  1. n.n

    Keep them barefoot and available for sex and taxation. This is why they support elective abortion. This is why they shame women who choose to be mothers. This is why the shame men who choose to be fathers.

  2. VeryOldSoldier

    Simple Bob, – half the ‘big shots’ in the media are CLIENTS! Marv Albert, Tiger Woods, Frank Giffords,….Minnesota Vikings….

  3. Tallyman

    The media ignores sex trafficking because they protect Senator Menendez, Clinton, JFK, Sandusky and their ilk in the US and Bersulconi is the media in Italy. It’s not patriarchy; it’s psychopathic predators using their positions of power to obtain “forbidden” fruit and a media which protects them. Without a media ethos which condemns such conduct, the psychopath has a free rein. The moral degeneracy of our media chosen patriarchs and matriarchs, such as Hillary protecting her mate, allows sexual Fagins to exploit male and female youth. Honorable patriarchs would protect children and women. Our reprobate patriarchs delight in their evil. Is sexual exploitation different from the kleptocratic banker exploitation in the Too Big To Fail banks which Eric Holder says he will not prosecute. What society hath our media’s chosen leaders wrought?


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