Homeland: If You Face A Mass Shooter, Cut The Mutha…

Screencap from Homeland Security video "Options for Consideration Active Shooter Training Video "
Homeland Security has advice for confronting mass murders: scissors
Should you be confronted by a lunatic shooting people in mass quantity, instead of running for an exit, go to your desk and grab some scissors. I’ll have to remember that.

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  1. Tallyman

    Without Big Sis, I wouldn’t have thought to run away, hide or lock the door. Must I give him a chance to surrender before I stab him with the scissors? If I kill him instead of wounding his gun arm, does the law make me immune from prosecution? What if he drops the gun after I stab him, can I pick up the gun and shoot him and not be prosecuted for gun violence? Are all school scissors now going to have sharp, instead of blunt, ends? What if students stab each other with scissors? Please, Big Sis help me be the person you desire and insure that every student’s desk has a sharp scissor to stab any gunmen..

  2. Igor

    If they had a scissor-launcher that had a magazine over 10 “rounds” I’d give it a try.


    Ahem. Sorry for the outburst.

    • koala

      ” a scissor-launcher that had a magazine over 10 “rounds”! I want one!

      • Igor

        Actually, I’m an Engineer and could build one for ya, it just wouldn’t be “portable”. Without a forklift, that is….But it would be fun!

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