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One of the nice things about my job is that I can take ideas I have here to the next level….

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  1. Ella Halligan

    I like the guy who said, “If we’re throwing our women on the front lines, what are we fighting to protect?”

    Screw these danged feminists. I don’t want to serve in combat. I don’t want my daughters to serve in combat and I don’t want them drafted. This is insanity. Equality does not mean being the same!

  2. n.n

    Equal rights. Equal protection. I don’t think these women have thought through the issue. This is the problem with rebels with a cause and without a clue. Their positions are irreconcilable, which is why they vote Democrat. The party of cognitive dissonance. The common thread which prevents their coalition from unraveling is dreams of material, physical, and ego instant gratification. They are the greedy bastards they warned us of.

  3. koala

    I wish he had asked the young lady to pick him up and carry him away.


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