Open Thread Saturday

Activists to demand a congressional investigation of Al Gore and Al Jazeera
Al Gore To Charlie Rose: People Hostile To Liberalism Because Of Fox News, Talk Radio ‘Propaganda’
How bad could this really be?

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  1. urbanvrwcmom

    What happened to the video of Cory playing fetch with Wesley? He’s such a beautiful cat. You and your sons aren’t bad either! 😉

  2. n.n

    It’s not liberalism, at least not classical. It’s dreams of instant (or immediate) gratification. It’s promises of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s normalization of premeditated murder to preserve a woman’s wealth and welfare. It’s selective history, science, and reality. It’s the your dreams, Gore. It’s dreams of profiting from sponsoring corruption. It’s degenerate.


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