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Sandra Fluke: Opposing Contraception Coverage Akin to Opposing ‘Leukemia Coverage’
If Muslims ever express a religious objection to ObamaCare, I wonder how much they’ll care what this… woman… has to say?

How the Obama Administration Defies Federal Law on Immigration and Welfare
Too bad we don’t get to pick and choose what law of theirs we choose to obey
Secret Service Director to resign after 30 years with agency and less than a year after Colombian prostitution scandal that involved a dozen agents
Sorry, but you’d think a pick-up line like being with the Secret Service would make it unnecessary to pay to get laid
Senator Denies Prostitutes After Writing $58,000 Check
Ethics committee eyes Menendez as new concerns emerge
How Much Trouble Is Senator Bob Menendez In?
When a man decides not to brag about his prowess, something’s up
2016 poll: Hillary beats Rubio, but Marco wins Hispanics
I’m telling you we need someone “new”
New rules aim to get rid of junk foods in schools
Liberals denying choice again
Carney: Hagel Did ‘A Fine Job’ at Hearing
White House blasts McCain over Hagel questions
Why wasn’t McCain this visually aggressive with Hillary? Because she’s a girl?
Glock, Paper, Scissors: Armed Guard Stops Shooter
The liberal media gives little mind to these incidents
The Gay Scouts of America
Men can’t take little girls into the woods unescorted, yet gay men can take little boys into the woods. Reasonable…
Obama´s Jobless Recovery Continues Unabated
Jobs is obviously not one of the president’s priorities, despite what he says
Dozens of Harvard students disciplined in inquiry into cheating on take-home final exam
Soon, a Harvard diploma won’t be worth the very expensive paper it’s printed on
Poll: 17 percent of Marines would quit if women are moved into combat positions
Many military men want as little to do with women (who know how to get out of anything they don’t want to do) as possible
Just one sick person in the office means half of the communal surfaces are contaminated by lunchtime
Food for thought

6 Responses

  1. urbanvrwcmom

    Miss Fluke, if you don’t want to be pregnant, KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED! Never mind; doing so takes work and discipline. These are not attributes of leftists.

  2. n.n

    It’s because her “friend with benefit” doesn’t want the Fluke when he can get the milk free.

    As for the equivalence between contraception and catastrophic coverage, where? The former is associated with preventing a natural outcome of a voluntary behavior. While the latter is likely an unpredictable occurrence. Why should other people pay for Fluke to enjoy carnal pleasures? I blame the “education” system for teaching exceptions and not principles.

    So why would anyone vote for a new statute that relies on a lawless administration to enforce the law?

    That, uncertainty, more than anything else, is why absent the 10% federal account deficit (i.e. general devaluation of capital and labor), is why we are in a depression. That, incidentally, is the cause of growing chaos throughout the world. With a global currency comes responsibility. The people who voted for “free” stuff live isolated lives.

    They weren’t just prostitutes, they were under-aged girls.

    Keep them barefoot and available for sex and taxation.

    “Junk foods” are not the problem. The issue is self-moderating behavior. It is comprehensive.

    Laws are proscriptive. Gun control laws are designed to limit the ability of law-abiding members of society to preserve life and property, while empowering criminals to commit acts of involuntary exploitation. Think of the criminal!

    The Gay Scouts of America

    Idiocy! Who defines themselves by their sexual behavior? How far liberalism has progressed.

    A Harvard certification will not be worth anything, but the massive distortions in the market which federal outlays caused in order to fund that education will persist. We are all beneficiaries of “well-intentioned” market distortions.

  3. Dr. Mauser

    Actually, I think ANY government money spent to keep Fluke from reproducing is a good investment in the future.

  4. Ella Halligan

    Sandra Fluke: Opposing Contraception Coverage Akin to Opposing ‘Leukemia Coverage’
    Really? You can get leukemia treatment at Walmart for $4 a month???

  5. Tallyman

    McCain is angry about not being endorsed.

    They’re at Harvard to buy a credential, not a morality lecture.

    Gay priest+boy = bad. Gay Scout Leader+boy = good..

    Scum always rise to the top, like Cankles.

    Send Fluke to Afghanistan to insure women’s reproductive rights over there.

  6. NRPax

    Gee, Ms. Fluke, are you telling me that the Obamessiah didn’t follow through with the promises he made about birth control? I’m guessing he promised that he’d call you later, right?

    Poll: 17 percent of Marines would quit if women are moved into combat positions

    Sorry, ladies. But there are certain jobs in the military you cannot do as well as the men. It sucks but so does life sometimes. And frankly, they don’t want to add to the risk of getting killed.


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