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Mass Shooter Confesses He Learned to Hate White People in College
The ‘White Privilege’ Defense: The Reason Nkosi Thadiwe Killed Brittney Watts Exposed in Atlanta Court
Thank you, liberals (and you anti-gun types in the media need to catch up on this one…)

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  1. koala

    Black history Month is a golden opportunity to introduce some truth.

  2. Richard White

    It’s painful to read the comments on the pages of the cited articles; few of the authors are balanced. Too many generalizations about both blacks and whites. It’s quite true that places like Detroit, Chicago and Atlanta are truly pitiful, but it’s not because they are controlled by blacks; it is because they are controlled by corrupt politicians and those who have drunk (and continue to drink) the leftist Kool-Aid.

    Which is a point lost on many. I fear that when the pressure builds to the bursting point, many good people of all hues will become victims.

    • Igor

      Methinks you are pretty much correct, Richard, a *lot* of innocents are going to be in the crossfire. People that just want to go on with their lives, and don’t give a rodent’s patootie about “white guilt”, nor anything else that doesn’t pay the bills. Then again, a large majority of these “low-information voters” put the Chief Instigator back in office, didn’t they? Something to ruminate upon.

  3. Tallyman

    We have his evil incited by college indoctrination which told him he was “one of the best that were repressed.” Ban Progressive indoctrination. Fire his college’s faculty. Sue them on behalf of the deceased.


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