Update: The B&R Monday Skim

It’s encouraging when people don’t throw in the towel

New Orleans braces for fallout from blackout
Energy Dept. Last Week: ‘Super Bowl City Leads on Energy Efficient Forefront’
@JonHenke found the cause of the Super Bowl blackout…

‘I am so proud of her!’: Michelle Obama praises Beyonce´s stunning Super Bowl performance
I think “stunning” is a bit generous
Jim Carrey Says New Gun Owners’ Lives Not ‘Worth Protecting’
Anyone wanna bet Jim is an old gun owner…?
Spring Break: Flight Records Suggest Fourth Menendez Flight
Reid Backs Away from Menendez Defense, Acknowledges Investigations
And we’re only on “cut” number four…
Conspiracy?: Chris Kyle The Third High-Profile Firearms Business Owner Killed In Past Month, 33rd SEAL In Past Four Years
American Airlines Treated Me Like a Dog
Yet another Do-you-know-who-I-am spoiled celebrity moment
Mika: Wayne LaPierre’s ‘Stupid’ Arguments ‘Something Sarah Palin Would Say’
Mika, mocking “stupid” arguments is somewhere you don’t want to be
Seven Reasons Why it’s a Photoshop
It’s really a test of the gullibility of the sheep
Why is government stockpiling guns, ammo?
Not sure we want the answer to that one
Author: Good women are hard to find
Ladies, what say you?
Muslim Sheikh Accuses 5-Year-Old Daughter of Not Being a Virgin, Beats Her to Death, Gets Off with $50,000 Fine
I think the word “barbaric” is apropos here
Migrants handed £1m a week for children back home as thousands of British families are stripped of Their child benefit
Sound familiar?
President Barack Obama: Boy Scouts should be open to gay members
Remember when presidents didn’t interject themselves into private matters?
Obama: more tax revenue needed to address U.S. deficit
Gimme, gimme…
Rove Declares War On Tea Party
Not a good idea
Etch A Sketch creator Andre Cassagnes dies at 86
Something most of us can relate to. R.I.P.
Chicago marchers urge Obama to come home to address gun violence
Yo black people, forget about it. He doesn’t need you now

More to come later…

10 Responses

  1. Dr. Mauser

    Etch A Sketch creator Andre Cassagnes dies at 86
    I can just picture an editorial cartoon with an etch-a-sketch as a tombstone.

  2. koala

    Author: Good women are hard to find
    Ladies, what say you?

    Oh no, Bob, don’t make me say it! A hard man is good to find.

  3. Palmetto

    Author: Good women are hard to find
    Ladies, what say you?

    I totally agree with this article. Today’s women only have themselves to blame for all the “unintended consequences” that followed their “liberation.” Right now the thought of sending women into combat scares the willies out of me, but perhaps that’s because I’m ultra-conservative. I’m not even too crazy about having a female firefighter or law enforcement officer showing up to help me. While I believe women have the brains, a very, very few have the strength that is required to fully perform some jobs.

    We make great nurturers to our families, but so many have messed that up with careers that have taken precedence over their families and the idea that children don’t need a father on the premises (and sometimes even in their children’s lives at all). I made sure my daughter got an education as you never know what life has in store for you and everyone should be prepared to take care of themselves, but now she is a great mother and wife — just as it was meant to be and should be.

  4. GoodMojo1

    New Orleans braces for fallout from blackout
    No worries! They can just blame it on the “failed policies of the previous administration”!

    Michelle Obama, Jim Carrey, Bob Menendez, Kristin Chenoweth, Mika Brzezinski, President Barack Obama, Karl Rove.
    Allen West, Catherine Engelbrecht, Chris Kyle, Andre Cassagnes.
    Give me ONE of the second group, for every 100 of the first group.
    In terms of ‘positive impact on world civilization, The President of the United States of America is completely outshined by the guy who invented the “Etch-A-Sketch”.

  5. Igor

    The Scouts’ national leadership is mulling scrapping the mandatory exclusion of gay members. Instead, the group could allow different religious and civic groups that sponsor Scout units to decide for themselves how to address the issue — either maintaining the exclusion or opening up their membership.

    Even though the Irving-based Boy Scouts reaffirmed the no-gays policy just seven months ago, the proposalis expected to be discussed, and possibly voted on, at the meeting of the Scouts’ national executive board, which begins Monday.

    IF, and I say if, the BSA decides to “go gay”, the Mormon church is going to drop them like they are hot. What part of the Scout Oath do they not understand, especially the “…to keep myself morally straight…” part? This is not acceptable. The world can go to hell in a handbasket, but as for me and mine, we will continue to teach MORALS, not what the “enlightened” choose. Gee, does that make me “intolerant”!?!?

    “As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord.”

  6. Tallyman

    Rove is expecting to pull another Bush from the RINO trash bin.

    King Barack demands more taxes.

  7. Ella Halligan

    Author: Good women are hard to find

    Ladies, what say you?

    I say AMEN!!! I was raised by an ultra-feminist who turned my brother into a pansy and told me I could be “anything I wanted to be” right up until the time I told her that my goal was to be a stay at home wife and mother. At that point she informed me that I “set feminism back 50 years”. Yup. Fine by me.

    I even had my husband read the article. He wholeheartedly agreed. Right now we worry horribly about his cousin, in her early 30s, who has had a string of awful relationships (like the guy who told his roommate to go ahead and go have sex with her… without consulting her first.) Well, she flat out states that she doesn’t want to get married, she doesn’t want kids and she gets drunk and sleeps with guys in that state. No wonder she is always complaining to me that the guys she likes just use her for stress relief. Drives us batty.

    • n.n

      Drunken sex with strangers, flaky friends and no savings: The regrets of today’s 20-something women laid bare

      More than half, 54 per cent, said they had unprotected sex – with 12 per cent catching an STI as a result and 61 per cent have either had an abortion or know someone who has.

      It’s not just your husband’s cousin. Apparently, it is a majority problem. Americans, in the majority, are incapable of self-moderating behavior.

      If not for the civilizing deception of high technology, we are the third-world nation.

      • Ella Halligan

        I know… so very frustrating. And then I have a 16 year old son, excellent student, hard working, dependable… but because he doesn’t treat the girls like crap they don’t give him a second look. I keep telling him life will get better when he gets a little older and some of the girls wise up. I do think it will be harder for him to find a good wife than it will be for his sisters to find good husbands. A shame, too, he’s going to be an excellent provider and he’s handsome, too.

      • n.n

        He may not enjoy the company of a good woman early, but, they, together, can invest in the next generation, their sons and daughters, that they may have a different experience. The reform begins at home and will evolve organically, from one family to the next, until our society is composed of better men and women, who are capable of acting reasonably and with reason.

        I’ll add one other note. The only real difference, which distinguishes, and enhances, the dignity of women, is their unique responsibility to care for a new human life from conception to birth. They are choosing to forsake that responsibility, and are therefore becoming indistinguishable from men and barren women. The reason society cares for its women, above and beyond its other members, is because of this special duty. Unfortunately, women, in progressive numbers, want to be the equal of men, always. They fail to prioritize their lives, and realize that they can have everything, but not necessarily on their schedule.

        I wonder who was corrupted first, men or women, or did it happen simultaneously. Women are becoming their stereotype of men.

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