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Beyoncé’s publicist asks for ‘unflattering’ Superbowl photos to be pulled
No one probably gave a shit until the publicist opened his or her big mouth in the name of vanity. People are going meme-smack Beyoncé for weeks with these…

Candy Crowley Out at CNN?
Try running over her with the bus. Elections have consequences and manipulating a debate cost CNN what little credibility they thought they had. Zucker condescension by offering the right an olive branch
NAACP Threatens to Sue LifeNews, Black Pro-Life Leader
The truth hurts
Sarai SierraMarried New York mother who was killed in Turkey ‘had sex with a man she met on the internet a day before she went missing’
If your significant other wants to go on a distant trip without you… trouble
Russian fighter jets ‘breach Japan airspace’
Their usual provocative act in that area
Judge orders TUSD to teach about culture
I hope these “culturally relevant courses” help these kids get jobs
Obama Targeted Killing Document: If We Do It, It´s Not Illegal
The arrogance and narcissism is what’s really going to make these next four years crawl by
Up to two feet of snow predicted this weekend in East Coast as region braces for potentially historic powerful Nor’easter
And the kids are rejoicing
Liberal Shooter Planned Mass Murder
We never hear much about gun control when a confirmed liberal had his finger on the trigger
Panic rises as sequesters grow near
Unfortunately more of the productive will be impacted and the dead weight will be spared
Obama will allow lawmakers to see secret memo on targeted killings
Pending Jesse Jackson Jr. plea deal includes ‘significant jail time,’ source says
I am… somebody! I am… somebody! Keep hope… alive!
The Myth About Democrat Voter Suppression In the 2012 Elections
One of many Democrat myths
Caroline ‘Canada’
Hope you enjoy our second string
Lance Armstrong Under Investigation for Obstruction, Witness Tampering and Intimidation: Exclusive
It appears his so-called apology thing was anticipatory, not sincere
Tony Bennett: ‘I’d like assault weapons eliminated’
What’s sad is that these entertainment truly believe what THEY think is of meaning to us

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  1. n.n

    Their interest in children, and human lives generally, is selective. They exploit a Newtown or Martin-Zimmerman event to advance their political, economic, and social standing. They are notorious for ignoring the annual slaughter by scalpel and vacuum of around one million boys and girls, for no reason other than to preserve the wealth and welfare of the mother, for no reason other than the life conceived is considered inconvenient. They do not sing for the lost lives of boys and girls without names. However, their interest is renewed when a human life is available for sex and taxation, or exploited for democratic leverage.

    The NAACP is a business. Their business model is to reap profit from exploiting differentials and gradients, real and manufactured, in the population they serve. They are not a rights organization, civil or human. They are a competing interest in the political, economic, and social markets.

    Some people intimidate others through democratic leverage, the Russians intimidate their competitors with advanced technology.

    Judge orders TUSD to… saddle their students with extraordinary debt with little hope of return.

    Gun control should be processed with the principle of presumption of innocence.

    Interesting. Assault-like and assault-style weapons have morphed to become assault weapons. They must be losing the argument and falling back on their traditional tactic of extortion through emotional appeals.

    Speaking of losing arguments:

    How Not to Argue for Increased R&D Funding
    At the risk of being simplistic, let me say this threat fed back into investment in science

    Today, the threat from global warming, overpopulation and scarce natural resources seems insufficiently scary.

    They are desperate! Heeding the traditional advice for dealing with an injured, trapped animal would be well considered.


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