Liberal Indoctrination Of The Day

‘Lincoln’ screenwriter fires back at Conn. congressman
Liberals always rewriting history to make Democrats look the way they weren’t

  • n.n

    In case anyone is having second thoughts…

    Stand up and cheer

    Be inspired! There are good people in our ranks. There are good people who surround us.

    • koala

      Thank you for sharing that video n.n. Very inspiring, for sure.

      • n.n

        He reminds me of a Colonel West. What is notable about Dr. Carson, is that he is speaking on principles next to a man without them. What is notable for all people, is that he is strictly “color-blind” in his speech. I notice all of these things, because I recognize that he escaped an extraordinary effort to inculcate denigration of individual dignity. We need more Americans capable of acting reasonably and with reason.

  • “AP reports that Courtney said Friday he is pleased about Kushner’s concession, but is still hoping that a correction can be made before the film is released on DVD”

    Sooo, where is the Congressman when it comes to correcting the misrepresentation of the historical record of his own party when it comes to civil rights?

    I thought so.

  • Tallyman

    The media’s directive is to convey the correct message. What is truth or history except a message to instruct the masses..

  • Igor

    As long as the Marching Morons of the left realize that the screenwriter “took liberties” with the truth (artistic license, don’cha know…) I’m good with it.

    HOWever, I don’t expect them to use ratiocination when referring to this, they’ll take it as Gospel. Therefore, so will the rest of the Great Unwashed Masses.

    It’s the American Way.

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