Media Bias Of The Day

Seeing how the Tea Party is not involved and the subject is an Obama liberal, Brian Ross will be busy covering… something else.

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  1. RightSide

    It doesn’t fit the liberal narrative; so, there’s no reason to “report”
    it nationally. It’s all over the LA news but will CNN cover it? Or peace
    through fear Morgan have a wall to wall put down of rogue cops? Don’t
    anyone hold their breath. This story is dead on arrival.

    Oh and if he’s in the woods around Big Bear good luck finding him. The only hope is there’s snow on the ground and they can actually track him. Then again he could have carjacked someone and take the back road down into the high desert and be long gone.

    • Igor

      “It’s all over the LA news…” Which, the fact that he’s a rabid Liberal, or that he’s a cop-killer?

      • RightSide

        Cop killer, of course. His liberal leanings aren’t even mentioned.

      • Igor

        Whew! For a minute there I thought the LSM in La-La land had grown a pair, or had some synapses start firing again! Silly me.

      • koala

        It’s hard not to notice that most cop-haters are liberals.

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