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The Amazing Grace restored to America by Dr. Ben Carson
Candy Crowley Asks Panel If They Were Offended By Conservative Doctor’s Prayer Breakfast Speech
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  1. koala

    Did Obama begin taking notes when Dr. Carson started talking about health care? Wow, Dr. Carson!
    Candy Crawley, racist, liberal extremist.

  2. Palmetto

    Just started reading Dr. Carson’s biography, Gifted Hands, tonight. So far an excellent read. I love a good rags to riches story, and this one certainly qualifies. I’m still basking in the thought of how he took Obama to the woodshed last week.

  3. Igor

    Quite frankly, I could give a rodent’s patootie about what Candy Crowley’s opinion is about anything. Dr. Carson was fantastic, and he’s making some waves. No wallflower, he.

    I’d vote for him as President, he’s certainly got the chops.

  4. Tallyman

    Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that vexed that wretched Emperor Barack, who like a Roman emperor presumes himself a god. Barack, the anointed messiah of the godless left, was the offense at the prayer breakfast..


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