Campbell Family: Boneheads Of The Day

Daphne-CampbellThis woman is a piece of work and the only reason the media isn’t all over this: she’s black, a woman, and a Democrat. Her family appears to be way out there as well.

The Miami Herald reports Florida Democratic State Rep. Daphne Campbell’s family scandals include attempting to change Florida law in order to get out of five traffic tickets, Medicaid fraud, tax fraud, identity fraud, grand theft, voting fraud, wrongful deaths, and mistreatment of seniors.

I think that’s more than enough for one group of arrogant, egotists who clearly lack brains and the ability to act responsible while benefiting from being in and related to someone in power.

2 Responses

  1. Tallyman

    “Power corrupts.” Just like the arrogant, egotist, narcissus in the WH, Daphne’s reprobate soul craves the power to pervert laws for her benefit. The Miami Herald and the enabling media excuses the corruption because the perp is a Black Democrat. The media creates the moral hazard for Black Democrats.

    • n.n

      The voters don’t seem to mind corruption when the criminal’s skin color matches their own. While others meekly avert their eyes, hoping that they will not be called racists.


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