Blonde Moment Of The Day

CNN Anchor Asks If Incoming Asteroid Caused By ‘Global Warming’
She’s blonde, a Debbie, and she opened her mouth. Strike three….

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  1. dismalscience69

    I seldom watch CNN but whenever I do I see some example of stupidity and manipulation like this. And it’s usually an attempt to link two completely separate things to achieve their agitprop agenda.

  2. Andre Maunsell

    That is a 50psi airhead moment to ask if the incoming asteroid is caused by global warming. Good grief scotty beam me up real quick there is no intelligent life on CNN now.

  3. Igor

    Good grief, “Teh Stoopid is strong with that one!!”

    I used to work for the AF at a tracking facility in Diego Garcia (remember DG, Bob?) and I’m curious; is the rock that’s doing a flyby on Friday going to intersect the plane of the ecliptic for all of our geosync satellites – if it does, there’s gonna be a helluva lot of lights due to space debris falling out of orbit… Which is gonna play havoc with satcom services.

    Got popcorn? Got CPA times/bearings?

  4. n.n

    The end is Nye. However, unlike with past predictions of catastrophe, this time, purchases of indulgences will be mandatory.

    How Not to Argue for Increased R&D Funding
    Today, the threat from global warming, overpopulation and scarce natural resources seems insufficiently scary.

    But I have a dream. The industrial revolution and economic growth
    continue. This is because astrophysicists find a huge cosmic rock on
    course to hit Earth in 50 years. This should be scary enough.

    Someone else has a “dream”. A dream that one day, the separation of philosophy and science will be selective, and that they will exploit fearful people to advance their political, economic, and social standing.

  5. Tallyman

    A message from Big Bro’s Ministry of Truth: Our all-knowing omniscient leader, Big Bro, has enlightened us and you with his insight that global warming causes infra-red heat rays to be reflected back to earth in our atmosphere instead pushing out into space. Big Bro has corrected our Ministry of Space’s calculations to show the asteroid will pass closer to the earth because it will not be repelled by the infrared rays which are trapped by the excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. But please be assured that omnipotent Big Bro will with his powers divert that asteroid and save the earth.

    • Igor

      G times (m-one times m-two all over r-squared). I don’t think so.

  6. koala

    She might be on to something! Our surrounding planets are experiencing global warming too! Hey, it must be so bad here that it is affecting the whole solar system!! Hahahaha…


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