The B&R Wednesday Skim

Fact Checking The State of the Union
It’s sad we now take it for granted the president is either embellishing or misleading

State of the Union reaction: Media gives Obama thumbs up
GOP’s Rubio tells Obama to end obsession with taxes, while tea partier Paul attacks spending
Break it up!

Iran’s ‘laughable’ fighter jet caught out in Photoshop blunder
I say let ’em build a bomb. They’ll probably blow themselves up with the clone tool

Chris Stevens Was Not Even Remembered
The secret burial of Benghazi near complete
Post-SOTU: Media More Focused On Rubio´s Water Than Economy
Not bad if that’s all they got
Investigators attempting to identify human remains found in search for fugitive ex-cop
Flashback: Jesse Jackson To Fugitive Murderer: I Feel Your Pain
If Dorner was really wrongfully terminated, how did killing people bolster his case?
Former Obama Adviser/Press Secretary Robert Gibbs Named MSNBC Contributor
Giggles is back
Obama says he will use executive action on climate if needed
Does Obama Have the Authority to Kill Americans?
He thinks he does. That’s all that matters now

5 Responses

  1. GoodMojo1

    What did Adele say to Chris Brown?

    “My name ain’t Rihanna. If you swing on me, I’ll whoop that ass!” (Couldn’t resist.) 😉

    I’ve developed an extreme reluctance to suffer the voice of a man I know is lying to me. No, I couldn’t actually listen to the SOTU.

  2. koala

    Does Obama Have the Authority to Kill Americans?

    Clinton did it, what’s going to stop the current POTUS?

  3. Tallyman

    More words from the Liar-in-Chief. His snake oil has been relabeled and its price raised.

  4. NRPax

    Obama says he will use executive action on climate if needed

    “Why is the air temperature not dropping? I signed the order yesterday! Get God on the phone. He needs to explain his attitude.”


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