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For CNN, Cruise Ship Coverage by ‘Air, Land and Sea’
As the Triumph is currently cruising at 1 mph, the coverage got old 100 yards ago

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  1. Tallyman

    The loss of electric power stops the water pressure for flushing and the power for the draining of toilet output. On the old sailing ships, people went to the head (toilet) on the front of ship so that the odor was blown ahead rather than from the stern where the odor would have traveled with the ship. The ship should have had buckets for use and dumping overboard.
    Wait till we have massive power failures and toilets don’t work in homes.. At least we could go outside, maybe, depending on the population density. CNN has experience dealing with a load of stink and they wanted to use their expertise. The ship should have had an alternate power supply generator, but it was not present or operational. Do you have alternate water pressure supply capabilities at your home? Or, is going outside, an option?

    • Igor

      Tallyman, as an engineer I can tell you that it takes a LOT of power to run that ship. If the main engines were damaged (as I surmise…) then they have little rinky-dink 50-100KW backup generator(s) running the vital systems. However, desalination and water/sewage handling takes a LOT of power, as do the A/C systems and food prep/handling/storage. So, only VITAL systems are going to be running. I’m amazed they got SOME of the bathrooms running, but they have a LOT of poop to process and I imagine the temporary “black water” systems were NOT running. Not having a major power-generation system running SUCKS, especially in the middle of the Gulf!

      • Tallyman

        Igor, my point is a bucket thrown overboard is a better solution than continuing to fill a toilet which has reached its top. Also. forget desalinization of toilet flush water. I’ve been at sea on my own and others vessels and know that improvisation is necessary, because there are no plumbers, electricians, nor engine mechanics at sea. What would these people do if the power and water pressure disappeared in their homes; use a filled toilet and let it overflow or go outside.

  2. Igor

    “Ship of fools”.

    Makes ya wanna run right out and book a cruise, doesn’t it?


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