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Just a heads up, B&R will partially shut down this weekend. I plan on being pleasantly distracted…

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  1. Igor

    Yes indeedy, Bette Midler knows all about bombs and gas! *snerk*

    Good one, Dan.

  2. n.n

    I would say hurry back, but pleasant distractions are moments which are too often few and far between. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. GoodMojo1

    Odd. I feel the same way about Jim Carry’s movies, as he feels about “assault rifles”, (which, of course have no place in this entire ‘debate’.) Anyone who would rush to see a movie of his, has very little worth protecting or saving.
    Have a blast, Bob!

  4. koala

    The pity is that they do not comprehend that the tweets are irrational, illogical and not based on reality/


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