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Van Jones Likens Keystone XL Pipeline to a ‘Carbon Bomb’
If Van and Rosario walked to DC from wherever they came from, I’d believe they were sincere about their convictions

Sunday, Actress Rosario Dawson talked with MRCTV about why she doesn’t want President Obama to approve the Keystone XL pipeline

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  1. Hengest33

    Perhaps gaia raised a warm, caressing, strong ,yet gentle wind to float all the enlightened progressive, tolerant, benign, empathetic folk to this rally….. er, wait, apparently there were 130 buses bringing these folks in, according to the pres of the Sierra club of Canada. Now how many cars, and trucks were also fired up I wonder? But, it’s not hypocrisy I tells ya, these are the chosen ones, chosen to do what they want, as they spread their message to all us fools who are knuckledragging, racist, homophobic wife beaters who only wish we could fire our guns at cute little rabbits all day. While burning used tires soaked in oil and gasoline to cook our hotdogs and marshmallows by. Please help us Al Gore and Van Jones, we know not what we do…..

    • Igor

      Hey, I have a better idea, let’s soak Algore in oil/gasoline/diesel and use HIM to cook our food by! He oughtta burn for hours ‘n hours!

      The hypocrisy is strong in these ‘uns….

      • Hengest33

        That’s one kind of pollution I would not wish on our planet.

      • GoodMojo1

        Igor, have you seen pictures of Al Jazeera Gore lately? There’s enough blubber to burn for quite a while. He’d at least be good lamp fuel for a stretch of days.

  2. RecklessProcess

    Oh yeah, she has a job. Screw allo those people looking for work to support their families. There has been no measurable warming in 16 years. They want to keep people in poverty in spite of the fact that there is NO science that proves anthropogenic warming is going to destroy the world or is even caused by CO2.


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