Lilley: Another Warning to America on Gun Control

Sun TV’s Brian Lilley has a warning, based on the experience of his countrymen, on what our politicians tell us about gun control vice what they’ll really do given the power….

“All we need is sensible gun policy, like they have in Canada.”

You won’t have your guns taken away, just registered with the government. As I said in early January, registration leads to confiscation. That’s been the Canadian experience anyway as police and politicians decided that certain guns were bad and needed to be surrendered. How did they get law abiding gun owners to surrender their rifles without compensation? They are all in the registry and failure to comply means jail time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our politicians could differentiate between law-abiding citizens who comply with the law and criminals of whom these laws won’t apply, because… they’re criminals?

2 Responses

  1. Hengest33

    The long gun registry was a complete waste of time and money which was implemented as a way for liberal politicians to say they were doing something concrete after the Montreal massacre. Also, regarding handguns look at the case of Ian Thomson in Ontario. this is one article about an absolutely malicious prosecution of a fellow who acted in about as responsible a manner as I can see, given people were firebombing his house .

    You will have liberal jurisdictions looking to punish those who own guns, since many folks are of the idea that if you own a gun, you must be bad. Wasted millions, or billions, and prosecution of the law abiding could be coming to you all soon.

  2. Tallyman

    You can’t trust them with spending our money. You can’t trust their Attorney General to prosecute criminals in the too big to fail banks and industries. You can’t trust their courts and judges. You know they don’t respect, nor obey the Law, nor our fundamental Law, the Constitution. You know that they lie to you and line their and their cronies’ pockets. You know they gave guns to Mexican criminals and guns to Al-Qaeda to kill some of us.. But, you should give them your guns, so that they might protect you. Who’ll protect us from them?


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