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THIS is what politicians actually think of their constituents… that is, until the public finds out.

Interesting what Colorado State Representative Joe Salazar (D-Thornton) thinks of women having the right to protect themselves. Use a fucking “call box”, ladies. Salazar has apologized, if you believe in sincere apologies from Democrats.

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  1. Richard White

    His scenario sounds plausible, but how often has it happened? Texas has had concealed carry for . . . what? . . . twenty years now. If it hasn’t happened in Texas, it ain’t gonna happen, because Texas women ain’t afeared to shoot.

  2. koala

    Rep. Joe Salazar let me show you what can be done with a mop handle.

  3. Tallyman

    He’s right about the majority of women at colleges, who are paranoid that there was a Republican war on woman, delusional that a Half-Black messiah is their real hope and narcissisticly fantasy prone to imagine men want to rape them. Such paranoid, delusional narcissists might “pop” many innocent men, whose only real crime against them might be to find them unattractive. You couldn’t trust them with a vote, why trust them with a gun. .


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