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The White Man Made Jesse Jackson Jr Do It
“Money control…?” How weak does this man think black people are? Negro, puh-leez…

h/t Gates of Vienna

  • koala

    There probably are people who believe that! Funny guy!

  • Tallyman

    The poor boy, Jesse Jr., couldn’t handle the money which was available. He was only capable of using the money to satisfy his desires. He needed a White Master to control his urges. Slavery was a kindness which helped him with his urges. Like a domestic dog, he could serve a Master, but he couldn’t exist without a master. Darwin allowed two paths for such: one with a master to rule and control and another with a free mind to chose. Poor Jesse, Jr. needed a White master, while other Blacks, like wolves, wanted free choice. Freedom is responsibility, slavery is free of responsibility.

  • Haven’t seen a more apt analogy – i.e., gun control and money control. Perfect pitch, too. I’m looking forward to seeing his other thousand+ off-the-cuff ruminations.

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