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It’s nice our work gets on the big screen from time to time.

I’m sorry, but these people really can’t be THAT uninformed…?

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  1. gates of vienna

    Yeah, they really *can* be that uninformed. Just look at the clueless English Lit. grads who serve you your latte…and vote for O.
    Here’s a refreshing and informed view, called Dr. Common Sense. His opinion re Jesse Jackson’s problems with money can be resolved by, among other things, banning money. If there were no money, no dilemma for JJjr.

    We had to discover him via a hat tip from someone in Switzerland…hope you feature him.

    I recommend, among many, one video in which he explains why BHO is really Nathan Obama. “Nathan”, according to the good doctor, is “nothing, squared”. Have to run…just queued up one on Sheila Jackson…oh, and no, he doesn’t just pick on black ppl. He doesn’t think much of George Bush or the KKK.
    You can see why *we* have a soft spot for him: a man willing to take down Hillary’s precious OIC and its ridiculous “Islamophobia” attempts to shut down free speech.

  2. koala

    I don’t listen to Al Jezero because the last time I did they were lying again.


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