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According to The Blaze, “French Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg approached Titan International Inc. Chairman and former Republican presidential hopeful Maurice Taylor to see if the American CEO would be interested in purchasing”  a failing Goodyear tire factory.

The rest is a joy to read….

Obviously the French union and their workers didn’t take kindly to this rather public dress-down. The truth hurts.

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  1. OMMAG ommag

    A comment already offered in another venue … Voulez vouz coucher avec yourself messr. ministere.

  2. OMMAG ommag

    Commenting issues … sorry for double post …..

  3. Tallyman

    The French have 56% employed in the public sector and their Great Socialist Hope, President Hollande, was looking to expand it. The tire union is communist run. The French workers at the tire factory only work a 15 hour work week. .Taylor spoke truth to power and exposed the absurdity of believing this French tire company could compete in a World or even the EU market. Are the German and Italian auto makers going to buy the ridiculously overpriced French tires? Hollande already got the kiss of Barack after being elected and will now get the UN Peace Prize, just announced. The cost and joy of socialism and union work rules will meet the reality of world and EU competition.

  4. MountainHome

    As a retired manager of a small staff, I have to admit that public humiliation is not the way you should treat other people. It only hurts production & morale. I do concur that there needs to be something said to the union employees. I think he was talking in the heat of an emotional moment and that is never a time to say anything.

    • OMMAG ommag

      If you are saying that Mo “The Bear” Taylor was speaking out of turn or without thinking then you are quite wrong. Taylor was speaking from the firm understanding of just exactly what was being proposed by the French government and all the implications. Taylor’s response to the con job of the French is exactly appropriate as a way to deal with low life frauds and huksters.

      • GoodMojo1

        Not only is he “dead on”, we need him and others to start telling the ugly truths, over here. Go Mo’!

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