The B&R Thursday Skim

Taxpayers swamp Internal Revenue Service status website looking for refunds
Is there anything under this administration’s watch that isn’t screwed up?

Budget cuts would force Navy to shut down four active aircraft carriers
Pentagon awash in pink slips, preparing 800,000 civilian furloughs
Charleston’s civilian defense workers bracing for furloughs
Stimulus spending in the face of sequestration: Obama lays out ambitious $50 billion roads plan
Furlough and/or lay off civilian workers, hire more expensive, less productive union ones
WH: Obama Called Hillary at 10PM on Night of Benghazi Attack — About Same Time Clinton First Publicly Linked Attack to YouTube Video
The truth is oozing out
Staff braces again as Globe on block
I’d buy it. I can chip in $20…
Stuff Gets in the Way
While Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sandi Jackson were living it up, district paid the price
Show me ONE black Democrat district anywhere in the US that hasn’t
Chicago district disappointed in ex-congressman
They kept voting for him…
Ray Nagin pleads NOT guilty to claims he took bribes in wake of Katrina
Yet ANOTHER black Democrat in the hot seat and not much media outcry
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee makes time to honor rapper
Every black in her district has a great job, kids go to great schools, no crime… Sheila, job well done. Shift your attention elsewhere…
Obama considers urging the Supreme Court to overturn California’s ban on gay marriage
The “Will of the People” was loud and clear when it came to HIS reelection…
CEI: Lisa Jackson used yet another non-EPA email account as ‘safe harbor’ from transparency
But hey, what’s the law…?
Texas bill would block police from enforcing new federal gun laws
This will piss off the King
Walmart Customers Have Disappeared. Will They Take the Economy With Them?
Flashback: How Obama’s Re-Election Could Boost The Retail Industry
The disaster has only just begun
Dem Senators look for someone to blame for Obamacare
Have they lost their mirrors?
US Postal Service to launch fashion range
John Kerry threatens to bore the world to death with excruciating first speech as Secretary of State
So much for hip, cool Democrats
Ashley Judd Huddles with Democrats to Discuss Possible Senate Run
This could be a valuable lesson (that won’t be understood) to Hollywood know-it-alls
As New York delays decision on fracking, Pennsylvania sees economic boom
Blue state self-inflicted wound
Feds may decide on Armstrong case this week
A lot of liberals facing the music lately with no “culture of corruption” label attached
Constitutional Challenge to Dodd-Frank Grows Ranks
What happens when know-nothing politicians who create a big mess decide to fix it
Carney undercuts Obama’s sequester-scare strategy
Everyone has to be on the same page when it comes to lies
Meet Dr. Ben Carson, the New Conservative Folk Hero
The left deciding how to handle the new Enemy #1
Chinese cyberspies have hacked most Washington institutions, experts say
Again, besides asking them to stop, what are WE doing about it?
Students Who Refuse to Affirm Transgender Classmates Face Punishment
Liberal “tolerance”
Majority of U.S. citizens say illegal immigrants should be deported
How different the perception of illegals would be if they attempted to assimilate…
Pampered Wesleyan University students trash museum during boozy, drug-addled party
Aren’t you comforted with the knowledge these are the people who’ll run the country tomorrow?
Sandra Fluke joins Planned Parenthood to push Obamacare birth control
Notice how no one has offered her a real job?
Ex-Obamacare foe Gov. Rick Scott waves white flag on Medicaid expansion
Remember this

  • Igor

    Is there anything under this administration’s watch that isn’t screwed up?

    I was going to say their electioneering (especially their ability to steal elections) but then I realized that the ‘Pubs have an unmatched ability to lose elections…

  • Igor

    Is there anything under this administration’s watch that isn’t screwed up?

    Y’know, I was going to say their electioneering (and especially their ability to steal elections!) but then I realized that the ‘Pubs ability to lose elections is unmatched…

  • Tallyman

    The IRS is withholding refunds, most likely because a slew of false refund internet claims paid out which will be detected later when the real taxpayer files his return with that same SS ID and because the delayed refunds favorably alter the government’s balance sheet.

    The major driver of the US economy is the consumer who has less take home pay and higher gas expenditures. Barack had problems with advanced arithmetic.

    Little Chicken Legs says the sky will fall.

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