GOP, Treat Minorities Like Adults

minorityOutreachPlaying identity politics is the very thing conservatives complain about but, yet, we hear all this talk about how they need to reach out to blacks and Latinos, just like the liberals do – because, if they don’t, they’re doomed. Maybe, the reason conservatives don’t have a viable outreach strategy is that they really shouldn’t have one.

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  1. GoodMojo1

    Bob, this is excellent, and “spot on”. I posted it on fb, after sending it to all my friends via email.

  2. koala

    I love this, Bob. Thank you for writing it down and putting it out there.

  3. Tallyman

    The problem is the phoney RINO elitist thinks his breeding is his qualification. An intelligent mature Black or White doesn’t want a condescending pat on the head and some crumbs. Black and White both can grow up and want freedom instead of little treats handed out for submissive behavior. It’s the difference between a dog, forever childlike dependent, and a a mature wolf who is free to chose for himself. Respect the mature man, not coddle the dependent child.

  4. n.n

    They shouldn’t have one. Unfortunately, human beings are not sufficiently developed to judge a man or woman by the content of their character. It doesn’t help that trust is undermined when men and women support redistributive or retributive change; when they support denigration of individual dignity (e.g. extrapolation from an exception to a general conclusion); when they vote in ignorance of causes to treat symptoms in perpetuity; when their material and physical greed permits them to rationalize elective abortion; when they engage in other selective practices.

    Forget the minority. Respect the individual.

    The Latinos with their predominantly Christian character should understand this.
    The Blacks with their predominantly Christian character should understand this.
    The Whites with their predominantly Christian character should understand this.
    Every man and woman with a shred of integrity should understand this.

    We are trying to build a civilization with a common culture. Stop exploiting each other through involuntary and fraudulent measures for personal gain. Idiots.

  5. Igor

    I didn’t have a problem with Blacks in my life, even though I was not exposed to them much here in mostly-white Spokane. However, when I went in to the AF I treated everybody the same. No problem, we were ALL in the same mess together.

    I had my Shop Chief pul me aside one day into his office. He asked me, “Do you mind working with a Black guy?” He asked because the Minuteman Missile field I was in had a horrible time getting almost ANYbody in it due to the drug craze that was hitting back in 70-75 – almost nobody could pass the drug screening back then for the necessary Clearance. I told him, “Hey, he went through the same school I went through, the same tests, why wouldn’t I want to work with him?” My Shop Chief was relieved, and we started working together for at least 6 months while I taught him the ropes.

    He disappeared one day. Abruptly. Turned out he and a couple of buddies were doing Marijuana and they got busted. Internal Affairs was all over me, looking at me with an electron microscope, but couldn’t find anything since I’m allergic to grass and don’t drink or smoke. My Shop Chief was looking pretty harried/worried for a week, but he went to bat for me and told the IA people to go play somewhere else… If I hadn’t have had such a squeaky-clean reputation it would’ve gone much worse than it did. Score one for clean living and exceptionally neat test papers. ;P

    I don’t have a problem with ANY race, and I treat them like I would treat my brothers and sisters. Because, they are. However, you should’ve seen us razz the crap out of the guys in the Missile Handling team that fell asleep on the nude beach in Lompoc when we were down in Sunny California on an Operational Test. Poor suckers got SUNBURNED, and you know what that means to a black guy, Bob! *evil grin*

    Man, those were the days.


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