Blueprint NC: Boneheads Of The Day

Leaked attack memo could jeopardize group’s finances
Soros-tied nonprofit faces funding loss after memo on plan to ‘eviscerate’ NC GOP leadership
Arrogance usually leads to the downfall of the wicked (and their friends)

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  1. jb

    Strange too is the El Pueblo, Inc in the center right. I didn’t know that the “borders crossed them” in N. Carolina.

  2. jb

    Is that a N.C Acorn I see in the lower left half? Why, yes it is.

  3. n.n

    Interesting, Planned Parenthood is located next to Action for Children.

    I can’t help but appreciate the successful marketing schemes of so many businesses. Civil and human rights (i.e. selective rights), fair (i.e. redistributive change), justice (i.e. retributive change), pro-choice (i.e. err on the side of premeditated murder), clean energy (i.e. shifted environmental disruption and unreliable energy), nature clubs (i.e. defense of mass slaughter and displacing people), etc.

    You need a blueprint to properly map the distortions and deceptions represented by all of the groups identified in this diagram.

    Oh, the people of faith opposed to capital punishment, to which faith do you subscribe? While there is a high standard of proof required for judgment, there are no arguments put forth by God to preserve the life of a murderer. You take a life without cause, then you commit to lose your life.

    They need to spend less time devising semantic games and more time developing an internally consistent blueprint. Surely, greedy bastards is not their only common cause.

  4. koala

    It is disturbing to see the large number of groups that are fighting against our freedom.

    • aelfheld

      What’s disturbing is that so many useful idiots think these groups represent their freedom.

  5. Igor

    Arrogance usually leads to the downfall of the wicked (and their friends)

    Not soone enough, in my opinion.
    However, the good Lord in his wisdom decided to let us have enough rope before we hang ourselves, running off the cliff. Karma’s a cruel bitch, yes?


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