I Wanna Be Like Jack

Senate Finance approves Jack Lew nomination for Treasury
The Talented Mr. Lew: He sometimes even makes more money than his boss
Okay, I do have a sense of ethics but why are people of such dubious character so rewarded while the rest of us hustle just to make it to the next payday (if we even have one)?

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  1. Tallyman

    Another kleptocrat for Treasury Secretary replacing the tax cheat, Geithner. “Reports that he (Lew)received over $900,000 in bonuses while working as COO of Citigroup, following the company’s $45 billion in TARP rescue funds, after it saw $27.7 billion in loses, a 90% depletion in value” Lew is another bottom feeder at the government trough, who will keep the trough filled for his cronies in the Too Big To Fail Banks. .


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