NBC Pundits Blame… YOU For Sequester

As the liberal media did everything possible to defeat Republicans (they also blame) and failed, aren’t they partially responsible for the current sequester mess?

Yeah, right. Didn’t think so….

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  1. aelfheld

    Well, they’re right about one thing: I don’t want to give a d—-d thing more to the government. My taxes are high enough thank you very much.

  2. koala

    He said this will hurt the economic recovery! What economic recovery? The MSM cannot stop lying.

    • aelfheld

      2% cut in your budget (courtesy of the payroll tax reversion)? Suck it up.

      2% cut in government spending? OHMYGODWE’REALLGOINGTOBEOUTONTHESTREETANDEATINGFIDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • koala

        I probably will be out on the street. Fida is safe though. I know who my friends are.

      • Igor

        As in, laid off? Friends are wonderful to have. TRUE friends.

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