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Stupid KerryIt was only a matter of time that someone said it. Unfortunately it was someone representing the highest level of our government….

In America, you have a right to be stupid.
Secretary of State John Kerry, in Berlin Internet cafe

I guess I missed that one in the U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights.

However, John Kerry would know better than most of us.

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  1. n.n

    It’s worse than that. In America, you have the right to sacrifice your children for reason of preserving wealth or welfare (i.e. greed and comfort); you have the right to vote for redistributive or retributive change; you have the right to support policies which engender dissociation of risk and therefore cause corruption; you have the right to violate civil rights and call it social justice; you have the right to violate human rights and call it pro-choice or reproductive rights; you have the right to denigrate individual dignity and call it diversity; you have the right to call it “green” and shift environmental disruption to another “backyard”, as well as deny, lie, and obfuscate the mass murder of inconvenient animals in your own yard; you have the right to cause progressive devaluation of capital and labor, and call it a “recovery”; you have the right to provoke and sponsor regime change, along with thousands dead, and not suffer a protest; you have the right to arm criminal cartels, which murder hundreds of people, and then with righteous indignation call to disarm Americans; you have the right to support excessive legal immigration and unmeasured illegal immigration, which displaces Americans at work, school, and throughout society (at least Reagan was forced to compromise in order to curb the proliferation of left-wing regimes). Yes, in America you have the right to do all of those things, and still be called smart, and be elected to do it all over again.

    It’s not because people are stupid, Kerry. It is because well-intentioned policies have sponsored corruption from conception to grave. Welcome to the Dream of your father, and his father, and your own. You denigrated individual dignity to acquire democratic leverage. You devalued human life to appeal to women, and men, who dream of instant gratification. The stupid people are your creation.

    That said, the responsibility is not uniquely owned by the Jackass (or Donkey), but fundamental corruption takes precedence over exceptional corruption. It is the former which must be first reformed in order to address the latter.

    • Tallyman

      Typical elitist snob, who believes his parents, his upbringing, his schools and his wealth are a superior claim to intelligence and ability. No, in America I have God’s and/or nature’s right to not suffer results from you and your cronies’ government acts of stupidity, utopian dreams, Progressive delusions, nor from the crimes of your kleptomaniac cronies. Your or any one else’s stupidity has no claim superior to my rights.

      • n.n

        Did he insult all Americans, those who cling to their guns and religion, or those who vote paradoxically to their disinterest? When was the last time that people of sane mind voluntarily committed generational genocide? Perhaps he is right in his assessment. Those who place their dreams of instant gratification before evolutionary fitness, redistributive or retributive change before respecting individual dignity (including their own), and who otherwise support policies which sponsor corruption, could reasonable be described as opportunistic or vulnerable, and stupid. They will certainly not be in the minority class which primarily benefits from selective nonsense.

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