The B&R Tuesday Skim

This should set the tone…

Sequester offers President Obama a time to lead
Obama Administration Warns of Cuts at Non-Existent Agency
He’s going too far
The Obama Admin Can Airlift Support, When It Wants To
A sobering reality to those who have loved ones serving overseas
Dismal show a gaffe-fest
I guess the Oscar show was funny if you like boob jokes
DHS steals TechCrunch founder’s boat over paperwork error
Things like this are remembered
Ashley Judd’s biggest problem: Her history of bizarre comments
Damage control before announcing candidacy: not a good sign
Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop dies at age 96
Chris Christie ‘Not Being Invited’ to CPAC
Chris’ fall from grace stems from his forgetting who brought him to the dance in the first place
Father faces child abuse charges over videos in which his son aged NINE raps about sex, money and drugs while kissing wads of cash and slapping women´s butts
Is bad taste really abuse?
Texas students dress in burqas, taught to call Muslim terrorists ‘freedom fighters’
Taxpayer-funded indoctrination
Furloughs are looming, but the feds are still hiring
Like I’ve said those who produce will suffer. The slackers will be spared
Chris Matthews Offers To Help Hillary’s 2016 Campaign: ‘We’ll Get You In There’
The Media Threat to Democracy
Coulter makes a great point: “I mean, you really wonder if Democrats would win any elections if we had an honest media in this country?”
Nikki Haley slams Washington after meeting with Obama
Not a hard thing to do
Obama´s gun strategy falling short in Senate
Those in fear of reelection isolating Obama
Liberal media will ‘shut you down, stab you, kill you, fire you’ if you disagree
Juan, you got screwed, you got paid. Enough of the whining already
VA Unconstitutionally Tries To Disarm Veterans
Flashback: Napolitano stands by controversial report
How many of the recent mass shooters were veterans? (Not a trick question…)
Samuel Betances: Race Hustler on the Dole
Black liberals who believe they have power are the worst
Putin signs law to curb smoking, tobacco sales in Russia
Giving Bloomberg a model
Hot air balloon crash in Egypt kills 19 foreigners
Warning: If it’s potentially dangerous and you’re in the Third World, don’t do it
Is Obama telling the truth about sequestration?
Uh oh, questioning the king. This guy is screwed
Federal appeals court ruling may force California prisons to hire witches
California: that’s all you need to know
War profiteering, racial discrimination and a ‘financial sham’: The allegations that cloud Jim Crane, Democrat donor and Obama´s golfing buddy
An expected M.O. when it comes to acquaintances of the president
People Make Mistakes, But Government Makes Deadly Errors
And when called on it, government could give a shit

No open door: White House denies selling access to President Obama to wealthy supporters
The White House knew this was coming and Jay had to read a legal statement as a response. They know this is bad

Heroes, Not Props: FLOTUS Ignores Military Members During Oscar Appearance
‘Statist propaganda:’ Michelle Obama slammed for using military as ‘props’ during Oscars appearance
Michelle Obama’s Oscar presentation raises questions about the role of a first lady
She acts like she’s the queen and the left treats her like one
Chinese hackers seen as increasingly professional, methodical, as they plunder Web for secrets
Smart enough to steal, too stupid to create. Sad
Ivy League Muslim prayer service filled with homophobic invective
Let’s see if the tolerant left has the guts to act up against this

2 Responses

  1. Tallyman

    Poor Juan, fired for thinking and speaking thoughts. Sadly, it was just that one time, he was able to have independent thoughts..

    King Barack is for sale. Billionaires, multi-millionaires can purchase special “get of jail or prosecution free” indulgences. Also, private meetings can be purchased and special dispensations purchased.

    Even Chris Matthews couldn’t get a tingle up his leg from Cankles.

    The Fat Boy shunned at CPAC.

    Chicken Legs Little at the White house squawks that the sky is falling.

  2. RightSide

    ” DHS steals TechCrunch founder’s boat over paperwork error

    Things like this are remembered”

    Another petty self-stylized demi-god with a badge and a gun. Forced to swear to a lie to get your own property?! How many people would have just gone along? Probably most would have signed. Without a big bankroll behind you to backup your refusal one basically has little choice in the matter. This is an example of the “soft tyranny” Levin talks about.

    ” Federal appeals court ruling may force California prisons to hire witches
    California: that’s all you need to know”

    Is it any wonder residents and businesses are packing up and moving out? I left 30 years ago and was happy to leave then. Oklahoma is looking better all the time!

    ” VA Unconstitutionally Tries To Disarm Veterans”

    This may be a right leaning spin story. Hard to tell. Are ALL disabled vets receiving benefits going to get the letter or just ones that have so severe a mental condition they have a court appointed advocate or guardian? Or are ALL vets going to get it? And who’s to say the VA cannot simply declare ALL vets mentally unstable and not capable of handling a weapon? One of my oldest friends, a Viet Nam Vet on disability, hasn’t gotten a letter and I, a non-disabled Vet, haven’t gotten one. There’s something about this story that doesn’t pass my smell test. I wouldn’t be too hasty on this one.


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