The B&R Thursday Skim

Veteran journalist Bob Woodward ‘threatened by senior White House official’ after faulting Obama over sequester and calling defense cuts ‘madness’
If you’re going to threaten someone, make sure they’re actually afraid of you and haven’t fought tougher people before

4 Pinocchios for Arne Duncan’s false claim of ‘pink slips’ for teachers
Obama Demagoguery Supplemented by a Touch of Cruelty
Apocalypse not
Sequester This! President Obama’s Colossal Media Blunder
The White House is losing the honest battle and the media may not go down with the Obama ship on this one
Cases of rare ‘untreatable’ superbug that killed seven in a year rocket as health officials warn of outbreak
How will this be made to be something Obama inherited?
An Administrative Amnesty
White House Says It Was Not Involved in Detainee Release
The AP’s Claim that a DHS Official Resigned Over the Illegal Alien Releases Turns Out to Be False
It would appear either everybody’s lying or Homeland Security has gone rogue
Caroline Kennedy Said to Be Candidate for Envoy to Japan
She’ll need the translation for “you know”
American Student Punished for Refusing to Recite Mexican Pledge
LGBT Rights Group Sues School for Banning Transgender 6-Year-Old Boy from Girls’ Bathroom
More cases made for homeschooling
Chris Matthews: Support Gun Control or an American President Could Be Murdered
And by a young liberal MSNBC-watching male in his early 20’s…
Howard Kurtz On Fox Showdown: Keith Ellison ‘Picked The Fight’ While Hannity Was ‘In The Right’
The ground beneath us as just shifted
More advice from Joe Biden: ‘Just fire the shotgun through the door’
Too bad we can’t ask Reeva Steenkamp how she feels about shooting through doors
Report: Jesse Jackson Jr. writing a memoir
A how-to corruption manual

5 Responses

  1. koala

    Cases of rare ‘untreatable’ superbug that killed seven in a year rocket as health officials warn of outbreak

    Go outside and grab some pine branches. Steep in hot water to make a tea. Sip on it all day.

    • Igor

      …and don’t be taking antibiotics for every little sniffle and sneeze.

      WASH YOUR FREAKIN’ HANDS, for Pete’s sake! Drown a germ…

      • koala

        Those germs just cannot tolerate handwashers!

      • Igor

        Yeppers, I’m just a judgmental germist, I guess………..

  2. Tallyman

    Caroline should take a double barreled shotgun for protection against those fast and furious guns Holder sent earlier to Mexico. Just make sure that it’s not the tequila delivery man when she shots the two slugs through the door.

    Will Jesse Jr. be taking affirmative action melodramatic writing courses in prison? Will he create a genetic defect tear jerker, that he valiantly fought against his inherited corruption gene from his father?

    Barack really is the Liar-in-Chief of a bunch of other liars.


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