Cry Babies Of The Day

McCainGrahamSo Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham had dinner with the president and yet the press goes to Rand Paul demanding an answer to the question “Can you kill an American on American soil without due process?”

Instead of standing up for the Constitution which guarantees due process, McCain and Graham mock Sen. Paul for stealing the spotlight from them and asking a question they themselves should be concerned about.

These two need to get over themselves They look like giant freak’n cry babies right now!

Update: It took over 24 hours for the White House to answer Rand Paul’s questions. It could have been longer but we’ll start with yesterday to give them the “benefit of the doubt”….

4 Responses

  1. Igor

    John and Lindsey, part of the RINOs that need to go! All that torture he suffered in the hands of the Viet Cong has severely impacted his thinking ability. I don’t know what Lindsey’s problem is, other than being in the Gubmint too long…

  2. Tallyman

    McCain and Graham stand only for lop-sided compromise. Their grand compromising dinner was upstaged by a real man with principles trumping their sell-out posturing.. McCain would sell his mother and claim credit for demanding twice the price. Our Republic needs principled men, not these slithering tuskless RINO weasels.

  3. koala

    I would not have risked offending my constituents by accepting an invitation to such a dinner. I imagine the true purpose of the dinner is less than honorable.


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