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Talk about some preemptive damage control…

We are teachers – we put kids first every single day in our classrooms and schools. We are not out to hurt anyone – and we are certainly not going to involve children. EVER. Period.
Sam Miskin, Framingham Teachers Association President

So, the teachers won’t go on strike because they “put kids first every single day”. If they DO strike, they won’t make their student participate in their protest because they “put kids first every single day”.

Can we have this in writing?

5 Responses

  1. koala

    I thought there were laws against exploiting children!!?

  2. Tallyman

    Frank Perdue put his chickens first. They expect you to experience guilt to satisfy their greed. Let them offer their services in a free market and let them or others receive a proper price for their value.

  3. GoodMojo1

    These are, of course leftists, thus cannot be expected to honor such a pledge. In writiing, or not.

  4. Igor

    Can we have this in writing?

    Sure, but it might be illegible, or misspelled… ;P

    • n.n

      It will more likely be disjointed and unintelligible.

      Leave bye spell checker. Dye bye the spell checker.

      That say, Wii knead more technologies in our skools.

      Damn it. I forgot to turn off the Urban Dictionary.

      It’s a dysfunctional convergence.

      Anyway, it’s for the children! At least the ones who survive reproductive rights.


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