Is Bill Cosby Going Senile?

While calling for the “correct” teaching of history in this country, (which will never be done because of things the left would have to admit lying about until very recently) Bill Cosby seems to be a bit off on his recollection of history as well.

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  1. Igor

    Is he going senile? His comments would lead me to say, “yes”. Sad, really…

  2. GoodMojo1

    On some levels, I have been willing to give his generation (My parents’ generation…) a pass for feeling the way some of them feel. After all, many of them actually lived through Jim Crow. But the more I hear, the less inclined I am to do so.

    Even they seem top want me and my generation to fight battles they have already won. Many in my generation wish to equate whatever resistance they find in reaching their own goals to the racism actually experienced by our elders.

    I have stated my refusal to do so more than once. I will not cheapen, or dishonor the struggles of my ancestors and their contemporaries, by claiming racism has any part in my own failings.

    I am not so naive as to believe racism (By it’s actual definition.) is dead. I am not so childish as to attribute most problems of the “so called ‘black community'” to the white man having his foot our necks. With more freedom and more prosperity than any society in history, the makings of personal success are out there for all. They will not be really easy to attain under any circumstances. They will exponentially less attainable for those who continue to blame others (Including, “whitey”) for their own poor choices.

    I will not fight “Kunta Kinte’s” battles. He has already won them.

    I will not fight my ancestors battles. To every last man, woman, boy, and girl; they won theirs.

    I spoke to my paternal Grandfather about his struggles when he was in his late 80’s and 90’s. He lived through times, during which, during his early years, he was not even allowed to go to school. He had to work not only the family farm, but other peoples farms as well, while working on the railroad. He started *school* at 20. He graduated college with a degree in agriculture. He met my grandmother there, and she had had the requisite trials in her upbriging. She became a schoolteacher.

    Their six children (One died at birth.) children, of which my father was the middle of the survivors, came to age in the late 40’s and early to middle 50’s. Every one of them won.

    My mother was the sixth child of seven. Her mother kept the home, and my grandfather was a “driver”, meaning he drove anything that moved in order to support his family. Trucks , buses, limos, whatever. And he worked on the railroad

    It was not uncommon for them to work 3 or more jobs at a time. They won.

    My parents met in the United States Air Force. My mother served four years, my father served twenty years to the day. During his twenty years, several years of it was during a “rank freeze”, when rank, and the requisite pay increases were all but impossible for some, yet he won.
    My mother was a stay at home mom, until my dad’s retirement, then she went to school, got her degree, and went to work, retiring after 28 years of distinguished service in her job. She won.
    I will never measure up to a single person I have mentioned here. Yet, I win every day. I have worked and gotten educated and worked some more. I am going through a health crisis, but I’m winning anyway. How? I live in the United States of America, and if the Lord sees fit to help me heal, there is nothing that I still want to do, that’s out of my reach.
    I’m fed up with people constantly levying blame. Especially when they continue to foul their own nests.
    Apologies for the rant.

  3. n.n

    Let’s see; with 80% of New York City’s high school graduates reading at a level below competency; with students graduating from the Atlanta system who are unqualified in all fields; who, exactly, is the target audience for the “correct” teaching of history?

    Then there is Chicago. Then there is DC (dysfunctional convergence).

    The survivors care little for a “correct” teaching of history. Perhaps we should focus on how the incorrectness of history is propagated and diversified today, for the “benefit” of all little boys and girls, and their parents, too.

    That said, I can appreciate his frustration, but upholding the status quo is a disservice to everyone.

  4. Tallyman

    A demented racist who believes you must stand and applaud anything a man says because of the color of his skin. Dear Bill, racism is believing your race deserves preferential treatment. Judge Barack’s lying character revealed in his speech. To applaud that which you reject as fraud or stupidity is to negate your own values. But negating your own values appears acceptable to an aging Bill Cosby, if the color of the man’s skin matches your own. Bill, you lost your integrity to a lying snake oil salesman.


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