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Prominent University Boots Chick-fil-A Off Campus — Is It Because of the Company’s Stance on Gays?
Given the progressive leanings of the Emory University’s newspaper (read some of their Tweets), note the lack of people of color in their team pic. What’s up with that, Wheelies?

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  1. Tallyman

    Are gay, lesbian chickens discriminated against at Chick-fil-A? Can I be guaranteed a heterosexual chicken sandwich at Emory, now? Are Blacks taking the photo and making the coffee and cutting the cake for use after the photo-op? Will the Blacks be insuring that the comfort facilities are properly cleaned and staffed, in uniform?

  2. n.n

    It’s a tragic irony that people who adhere to an article of faith describing their simian heritage, simultaneously reject the principles of evolution as inconvenient, when it poses a threat to their dreams of material, physical, and ego gratification.

    • Igor

      I would if I could, but no chick-fil-a here in Spokane…


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