Well Played Democrats, Well Played!

clappingSo the Illinois GOP calls out the Illinois Democrats and asks the SEC to look into something and yet the GOP is not getting credit? I am confused, so the SEC isn’t even looking at this problem, then the GOP realizes there is a problem, so the SEC is called by the GOP in 2005 and 8 years later (seriously 8 years and we say this agency is good at what it does?) when the SEC is finally done credit is given to the SEC instead the GOP for blowing the whistle?

Oh, oh wait, I get it now, ah ha I give the Democrats credit. So you build a government regulator that is horrible at its job (do I really need examples of how the SEC fails?).  Then when Democrats are caught cheating by the GOP, the media and Democrats instead of giving credit to the whistle blowers (the GOP) they just say “look how awesome the SEC is!” and then it justifies the existence of government spending on an agency that sucks…

See now the spending game by Democrats is starting to make sense. Seriously, this is idiotic if I am being honest. I can’t believe our media is that stupid… oh yeah, I forgot the media is in on the game. Sorry; keep forgetting that part.

Nothing to see here folks, move along, move along.

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  1. Kevin Peterson

    I stumbled upon a term Toxic cerebral Narcissism (reading Sam Vaknin) a year plus back in regard to someone using gaslighting techniques to deny even his own words spoken , their meaning or connection to his ultimate actions, true core convictions or lack thereof . Democrats , Progressives and Barak Obama as Narcissist in chief use gaslighting daily to deny culpability or control over all controversy they are caught in . Control and adulation are highly valued by these reality impaired robots . Understand truth, reasoning and reality have absolutely no value to liberals . Hypocrisy is their Achilles heel , reality their foe. Defeat them by challenging them face to face and pursue as they are fleeing …….

  2. Tallyman

    The bigger fooled are those who still buy the Illinois debt for its slightly higher return. The media is marketing arm of the government kleptocracy, aka “Honest Abe’s Illinois Bonds and Government.” . .


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