MD’s Friday Younger Demo

Well it is Friday, CPAC is in full swing and Bob gets to enjoy it while we get to be envious of him.


So for the rest of us who are not as lucky as the Boss some stories on a Friday 🙂 Trying to keep it positive or at least put a positive spin on it for everyone today 🙂

Judge says you can’t make Domino’s Founder offer contraception

A big win for religious freedom, not that our government cares about such things, but hey a Win is a Win!

Obama can’t eat without a food taster

“Good enough for tee but not for Me” Dude you are not a king you are a citizen and you are not above other people. Someone needs to teach the president something about being humble. Get over yourself!

Biden to narrate his own movie

Honestly is anyone really shocked by this? I just sorta figured he would, I mean a movie about Biden without Biden gaffes in the narration is not a TRUE Biden movie.

Gov. Jindal unveils Plan to Eliminate State Income and Corp Tax

As a fellow Indian, I love this! Watching everything from school reform, expanding charters and vouchers and changing the culture of education in LA to now tax reform which when done will take them to the 4th friendliest state in the union for business, this man will be a force to reckon with come 2016 and as a fellow country I am stoked he is a conservative! GO BOBBY GO!

Increased Immigration will reduce global warming

And the Media calls the Tea Party crazy?

Tuck Rule may be going bye bye

While I am not a fan of the Patriots I am a fan of Tom Brady, the Boss is a New England fan so I am sure we all here at B&R will have to hold a moment of silence next week when this rule goes bye bye for Bob. But then again, the way everyone is around here, Bob I have a feeling you may have a fun time in the comments. Sorry Boss

Sen Dems Budget hikes spending by 62%

Well hey at least they FINALLY had the courage to make a budget, it only took what 4 years! But hey a stupid budget is still a budget and now they get to vote for it and then the meme’s on facebook get to start, oh man, we need some good artists making some meme’s can you imagine the fun with a 62% increase in spending? Oh Glory! Then again we need cultural influence like that, were you at artists lets get moving! (I would but God did not bless me with artist skills)

Well I tried to make it a good news type of day, considering all the fun at CPAC, I haven’t heard the speeches yet, but so far I am stoked to hear Rubio, Cruz, Paul, West, and Scott and then the lone white guy Perry and his “we didn’t get a chance to elect a conservative in the last two election’s”. Wait a minute I thought conservatives were all old white guys, why is there only one! Hey when did CPAC get rid of the white people? Oh sorry forgot they are all working in the white house now! By bad, sorry everyone, all those years of pot smoking and liberal indoc has killed my memory skills. Sorry everyone, sorry!

Happy Friday!


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  1. Ilion

    Biden to narrate his own movieHonestly is anyone really shocked by this? I just sorta figured he would, I mean a movie about Biden without Biden gaffes in the narration is not a TRUE Biden movie.

    It’s going to be an action/adventure movie (and probably a successful multi-edition franchise), on the order of the ‘Diehard‘ franchise — called ‘Blowhard

  2. Tallyman

    Barack needs to know about aconite and wolfsbane and that, “of the 88 emperors who reigned from 324 to 1453— from Constantine I to Constantine XI— 29 died violent deaths, including several poisonings.”

    Barack, beware that a messianic narcissistic personality can combine with paranoia to become a Paranoid derangement.

    Can you even trust your food taster? Sleepless nights, horrifying dreams, and perpetual fear can become Dementia Praecox, or madness.

  3. aelfheld

    Biden to narrate his own movie


    60 minutes of “Buggrit, buggrem, see if i don’t! Millenium hand and shrimp!”


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