McKibben: Climate Change Is White People’s Fault!

I wonder if professor and environmentalist activist Bill McKibben lives the life he demands of all of you white people?

At this point, there’s no chance we’re going to deal with global warming one household at a time — scientists, policy wonks and economists have concluded it will also require structural change.

And that’s precisely where white America has fallen short.

According to McKibben, Latino immigrants want climate change addressed. He targets “white America” so he must believe blacks and other minorities have inferior carbon footprints not worth addressing.

Let’s hope Bill McKibben lives in a mud hut with no power, rides a bicycle and wears hemp clothing and most important, a surgical mask to spare the fragile atmosphere from his additional carbon dioxide exhales. Anything less would be hypocritical, right?

h/t Marc Moreno

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  1. Tallyman

    All hype, no substance. He lived in a house in Middlebury, VT (Middlebury College); he occasionally rode a bicycle and I never saw hemp clothing on him; all his associates were White; . I’ve unfortunately have meet Mr. McKibben multiple times (almost daily one winter) and this jerk used to push for everyone to go to their local church every Sunday to push for “justice.” My final confrontation was when this liar claimed that Lake Champlain doesn’t freeze over any more, because of global warming.. At the time, I presented pictures of an ice-breaking ferry, breaking the ice all the way across the lake that same year. McKibben was selected when he graduated from college for a job at the New Yorker Magazine.(to his surprise, he claims?) His books were always selected for review by the NY Times. Like a good NYT promoted Marxist, his father was an anti-Vietnam protester and reporter for the Boston Globe. I can assure you that he lacks intellect. His credentials are his endless promotion by the liberal media because of his pedigree. They’ve even labeled him the replacement for the aging Gore. A brainless Marxist idiot.

    • n.n

      Another celebrity nut climbing the Marxist corporate ladder to escape the discomfort of equality.

  2. Sennacherib

    Check out this guys wiki page. He’s a “journalist” they won’t say what his degrees are in.

  3. n.n

    Latino immigrants want climate change addressed, but not criminal cartels which murder them, or corrupt governments which redistribute their earned wealth, or fanatical environmentalists which displace them from their land. What else do Latino immigrants want addressed?

    • koala

      Latino immigrants are mostly Christian and are offended by abortion.

  4. Igor

    Geeze, McKibble, just off yourself and a few of your closest like-minded friends. Y’all’s carbon footprint will then be zero.

    Problem solved! See how easy that was?


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