The B&R Wednesday Skim

Thank you for being a friend! U.S. Israeli embassy uses ‘Golden Girls’ theme tune in bizarre official video to declare Obama and Netanyahu’s relationship is ‘unbreakable’
“YouTube video” diplomacy rears its ugly head again

Obama’s mysterious visit
Obama faces battle to woo Israeli public
‘Post’ poll: Obama lacks support among Israelis
Israelis aren’t stupid American college students
Obama_Boehner_State_of_the_Union_2011Obama turning to executive power to get what he wants
Boehner Says He ‘Absolutely’ Trusts Obama – We Are in Trouble Now
We should have replaced this backstabber (Boehner) when we had the chance
Al-Qaeda in Iraq claims deadly Baghdad bombings
Flashback: Obama Has Touted Al Qaeda’s Demise 32 Times since Benghazi Attack
Al Qaeda not on the same talking points page with the White House yet
Sessions, GOP allies ask for hearings on secret immigration bill
That would mean senators would actually have to read a bill they sponsored. Good luck with that
Need some good political news?
Hell, yeah!
Big, Bloated, and Bumbling
Not fair to just single out the Department of Homeland Security
Somebody Please Tell Stubborn Fool Obama How Filthy and Toxic Electric Cars Really Are
As Gas Prices Spike, Obama Recycles Failed Policies
Since it doesn’t affect him, he doesn’t give a shit, okay?
Israeli Official: Chemical Weapons Used in Syria
Syria crossed Obama’s “red line” and he won’t do shit either
Seven Marines dead, seven wounded after mortar explodes during training exercise in Nevada: report
Harry Reid Implies Sequester Caused Explosion That Killed 7 Marines In Nevada
President Obama makes his Final Four picks
Our national priorities in perspective

Flashback 2008

Ex-con Monica Conyers working at Detroit auto shop
Honest work is something that may take Monica Conyers awhile to get used to

Nonprofit buys house across from Westboro Baptist Church and paints it colors of gay pride flag
Gays demand tolerance by us while being intolerant of those who oppose them
Not even 40 votes in the Senate for the assault-weapons ban, says Reid
Democrats up for reelection will not burn for Obama
RNC Report — 100 pages and not a single word about bloggers
They don’t recognize us, so don’t expect us to disseminate their lame messages
We’re from the government and we’re here to learn everything about you
Give me ONE reason I should trust a federal employee with that information…?
The Steubenville Coach Has Joe Paterno Problems
If the boys had raped another boy, we may not have heard about this for years
Excuses, excuses from the conservative wing
Let’s not look back on mistakes made (again) and rush towards 2016, okay Noemie?
Malala YousafzaiMalala Yousafzai attends first day at Edgbaston High School in Birmingham
Let’s hope one of those whackjobs in England don’t try for a another crack at her
Associated Press stands by Rand Paul ‘pathway to citizenship’ report
The AP stands by their story. Like that’s reassuring
N. Korea issues video with White House in crosshairs
Uh oh. THIS may be taken seriously
The administration yanks a missile that upset Russia
Democrats usually wimp out to those that can’t boss around

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