Why Do Certain Interracial Relationships Piss Off Liberals?

A New First Couple in Sports: Woods and Vonn
Should Black Women Care Whom Tiger Dates?
Flashbacks: Do You Agree That 99.99% Of White Women Who Vote Republican Would Never Date A Black Man?, Republican VP Nominee’s College Sweetheart Is A Black Woman
Kardashian sisters consistently hook up with black men, black professional athletes marry their white cheerleader sweeties, actors and musicians inter-racially hook up all the time and as long as they’re liberal, few seem to have a problem with it: many black women complain that the only good black men available are either gay or Republican. But when Republicans of different races mix, all hell breaks loose.

Love is hard enough to find as it is so where’s this progressive tolerance we hear so much about?

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  1. koala

    It pisses off the liberals because liberals are racisits.

  2. Richmedia

    Is Woods a conservative? The only thing that I know about Voon is I heard she skied once.

  3. Igor

    Hypocrisy knows no bounds, Bob. It also requires lack of cogent thinking, which Progressives are famous for. Cognative dissonance is so much easier to do if you are ignorant, uninformed, and (dare I say it?!) stupid.

  4. Tallyman

    There’s good racism and there’s bad racism for Progressives, dependent upon whether it leads to the promised utopia. Consistency requires conscious mental intervention of the brain instead of trained emotional responses. For Liberals, it’s only “I emote therefore I am.”

  5. facebook-1410598313

    The world is TOTALLY upside down Bob.

    People today attack the NRA, the oldest civil rights organization in the country. They were formed to protect freed slaves. Are the gun grabbing democrats racists? The NRA is one of the good guys, yet they have been vilified while the country has no recollection of the racist history of the democratic party.

    Why isn;t anyone addressing getting guns out of the hands of criminals?


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