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Dark Knight killer James Holmes ‘is now a Muslim who prays five times a day’
They sure do attract life’s losers…

Hundreds in Ramallah protest Obama’s visit
Bet’cha didn’t see much of this on the news
Flour Bluff Parent Upset Over Lesson on Terrorism & Government
Maybe you should check what your kid is being taught
bachmann2 Running scared: Rep. Michele Bachmann flees from questions about dubious White House spending claims
Flashback: Bachmann’s claim that Barack Obama has a ‘$1.4-billion-a-year presidency’ of ‘perks and excess’
It doesn’t take much to see why many don’t take conservatives seriously
London-Based Cleric: Wahhabi Fatwa Allows Sodomy to Widen Anus for Jihad Purposes
While conducting jihad, sometimes you get that urge to fuck anyone. Now you can…!
The mayor who would be despot
“Would be…”? Many would contend Mayor Bloomberg already is
Why Voters Trust the GOP with Their Tax Dollars… but Not with Social Policy Issues
Again, it’s not the message but the repeat-offender mis-messengers
The Perpetual Campaign: How Obama’s Left-Wing Partisans Plan to Invade and Destroy Texas
Have you noticed how the one thing Obama is good at is destroying something successful?
Rockets hit Israel as Obama to meet Palestinians
I wonder who he’ll blame once he leaves Israel…?
‘Amazing Race’ celebrates Vietnamese communism
It would appear some 60’s hippies are now running the show at CBS
‘Fess up, or pay a fee: Outrage over ‘bullying’ CVS policy that requires workers to ‘voluntarily’ report health information… or pay a $600 fine
This has ObamaCare mandate written all over it
Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu put troubles aside to warn Iran and Syria
We’ve been warning them for years, threw in an ominous “red line” that shouldn’t be crossed, and they know we won’t do shit
British pensioners fear for savings as Cyprus proposes capital controls
We all know this current generation of liberal politicians believe our money is theirs to do with as the like. What’s to stop them from just taking it from us?
Audit faults Freddie Mac’s oversight of mortgage servicers
More tax dollars poured down the drain
A father-daughter dance — in jail
The world follows Aussie Earth Hour lead
I may have to use some juice and live Tweet during Earth Hour
The Republican Autopsy Report
If one were to replace “Republican” with “Democrat” in this assessment, it would be very close to accurate
Julia Gillard apologises to Australian mothers for forced adoptions
Torn on this one
Trial venue set for U.S. Army officer accused of Fort Hood massacre
Judge won´t let Fort Hood suspect plead guilty
No easy way out
Terrorism suspect has been secretly held in New York since October
I thought only Bush did this kind of shit
Computer Networks in South Korea Are Paralyzed in Cyberattacks
“Don’t do it again” is hardly a meaningful response
Kerry Commits U.S. To U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Gun Grab
It has begun
Progressive Democrat Control Came Via Welfare State Voters
Dem Senators Vote to Keep WH Tours Closed
They have to keep the mantra going lest they embarrass the White House and we all know what happens when you go there…
Suit accuses Elmo puppeteer of meth sex party
Comeback’s a bitch
Color of Change Targets ‘COPS’ says show dehumanizes blacks
If fewer blacks broke the law, they’d make fewer cameos

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  1. Palmetto

    A father-daughter dance — in jail

    This is indeed sad, but at least these girls have a relationship with their fathers, even if it is hindered by distance and bars. My heart went out to each of them and I hope it is a life lesson for them when they choose their mate.

  2. Igor

    Dark Knight killer James Holmes ‘is now a Muslim who prays five times a day’

    They sure do attract life’s losers…

    Can’t find the analysis (sorry, don’t have the time here at work), but somebody pointed out that those who are or want to be killers are drawn to Islam because it give the adherent lots of excuses for psychopathic behavior. You now have a religious “reason” for murder, rape, sodomy, and child and woman exploitation. Hey, the Prophet says so, right? It must be okay!!
    (For those of you who doubt my statements, *read* the Koran, okay?)

  3. n.n

    Importantly, for those between 18 and 29, 81 percent favor legalizing same-sex marriage

    It’s interesting to note that 81% of voters between 18 and 29 discriminate between relationships based on sexual behavior. They do not treat all forms and kinds of unions equally. Why is that? Why do they pander to men and women who choose a homosexual behavior? What common cause do heterosexual men and women share with this minority group? I think this issue is more about obfuscating dysfunctional behaviors engaged by nominally heterosexual men and women, than about normalizing homosexual behavior.

    If they pander to the anti-abortion, anti-gay and anti-immigrant crowd

    Apparently, it is the message. At least according to Liz Peek’s editorial.

    Why do they support excessive legal immigration and unmeasured illegal immigration, which serves to displace American men, women, and children at work, school, and throughout society? Why do they support the murder, rape, and corruption, as well as fanatical environmental policies, which harm and displace these immigrants in their home nations and motivate them to emigrate?

    Why do they arbitrarily discriminate between developing human life in the mother’s womb and outside? All elective abortions are acts of premeditated murder, where the mother is either a principal or accessory to a crime which violates the basic human right to Life.

    I don’t trust Democrats with social issues. They routinely denigrate individual dignity and support a general devaluation of human life. In fact, they cannot be trusted with social issues. Not education, where their constituents are illiterate. Not rehabilitation, where their constituents are life-long dependents. Certainly not with evolutionary fitness, where they pander to men and women engaged in dysfunctional behaviors, including: homosexuality, promiscuity, and elective abortions (i.e. premeditated murder for convenience, to preserve wealth and welfare).

    Progressive Democrat Control Came Via Welfare State Voters

    Romney was right. The Democrat elite (“head”) are corrupt. They preserve their power through corruption of their base (“tail”). Both the head and tail are corrupt and the dysfunction converges to oppress the body, which is the majority of the population.

    The Democrats promise everyone a beachfront property in Hawaii, consequence free sex (including abortion of a developing human life when it is most vulnerable), and, apparently, support for murder, rape, and corruption in order to motivate immigration to secure democratic leverage. It’s the same problem as is clearly evident with Obamacare. They increased revenue to the federal government without increasing supply to meet the additional demand. They do not care about people other than exploitation for democratic leverage.

    It is dissociation of risk which causes corruption. It is dreams of material, physical, and ego instant (or immediate) gratification which motivates its progress.

  4. koala

    Hundreds in Ramallah protest Obama’s visit
    “Palestinian lawyers demand Obama’s arrest for crimes US army committed.” Really?!
    Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

    A father-daughter dance — in jail
    ” Their detractors say they are outdated, discriminatory and sexist and that they no longer reflect what American families look like.” I bet the detractors are happy that girls that do not have a good relationship with their fathers are more likely to be prey for males wanting an easy f#@k.

    • n.n

      Yes. The outcome of generational feminism was to make women and girls available for sex, taxation, and exploited for democratic leverage. It was a reactive movement, which progressed to an organized movement, and culminating in a for-profit enterprise, which exploits differentials and gradients as a business model. The contemporary American family, and society generally, reflects the dysfunctional behaviors promoted by generational feminism, progressivism, and other reactive movements.

  5. Tallyman

    Was it, God or the Devil, whom he obeyed at Ft. Hood?

    Finally, sodomy is acceptable if for jihad.

    Bernanke and Barack would not directly take your savings and bank accounts. They are kinder, gentler. They would instead use taxation and inflation to accomplish an even greater result. Then, they will replace your retirement savings with an even better plan run by those lovable government elves. Don’t worry sheeple, the wolves are no longer outside anymore.

    Don’t tickle me, Elmo.

    • Igor

      Didn’t know that, and if he did you still see a lot of Black crime, which tells anybody with half of a functioning brain that something’s up in the Black community…


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