Hypocrite Of The Day

Mitch McConnell Votes to Fund Obamacare
You can’t have it both ways, Mitch

  • GoodMojo1

    Who was it who said, “The Republicans are happy to play ‘the Washington Generals’ to the Democrats’ ‘Harlem Globetrotters'”?

  • Igor

    Tallyman, perfect. The Great Pretender, indeed!
    Bob, you expected different behavior? Mitch is too old/hidebound to change now!!

  • Palmetto

    The photo is perfect!!

  • Tallyman

    Oh-oh, yes I’m Mitch,the great pretender.

    Pretending that I’m doing so well. My cowardice is such; I pretend too much.
    I’m phoney, but no one can tell
    Oh-oh, yes I’m Mitch, the great pretender.
    Adrift in a world of my own.
    I’ve played the game. But to my real shame, you’ve left me to grovel all alone
    Too real is this feeling of make-believe Too real when I feel that my cowardice can’t be concealed.
    Yes, I’m the great pretender. Just laughin’ and gay like the joke I seem to be.

    • koala

      Very creative! Thanks for sharing , Tallyman.

    • GoodMojo1

      Great stuff, Tallyman! Thanks!

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