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Chicago closing 54 schools in face of $1 billion deficit
Chicago Teachers, Parents Riled By Plan To Close 54 Public Schools
School Closing Opponents Call Mayor A Racist Liar
The community has put all of their eggs in one party’s basket for decades. Deal with it.

Senate passes its first budget in four years on 50 to 49 vote
Senate approves Democratic budget after marathon ‘vote-a-rama’
The senate passes their first budget in four years and we’re supposed to care they were tired?
Women Different from Men, NYT Declares
Obama To Hit The Trail On A Mission To Revive Gun Control Fight
It will be so nice when this man is finally out of our lives
Bosch abandons solar energy
The left will still fail to see the pattern
We’re All CVS Employees Now
Remind Obama voters who bitch about this that elections have consequences
Joe Biden runs up bill of $585,000 for just ONE NIGHT in five-star Paris hotel (and taxpayers will pick up the tab)
Hotel Contracts for Biden Trip to London, Paris Totaled $1 Million
And they’ll have us eating shitty government cake, while their at it
Miss Israel: Obama ‘world-class hunk’
She can have him
Keystone wins big in Senate
One thing activists can’t change: election year CYAs
IRS calls ‘Star Trek’ parody video a mistake
What they’re doing instead of collecting taxes from fellow government employees and issuing refunds on a timely basis
Earth Hour: millions prepare to switch off the lights
Oh, that’s tonight. Almost forgot…
Dominican official links Daily Caller to alleged lies about Menendez
I wondered why the word was out to distance from the Caller. Now we know
Paul’s Budget Kills Departments of Commerce, Education, Housing, and Energy
And how much good do these departments really do?
Republicans should prepare for the collapse of Obamacare
They’ll be on defense as usual

14 Responses

  1. n.n

    All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.

    The Senate has passed a proposal. For four years, they have rejected budget bills, and Obama has happily operated with trillion dollar account deficits. If only we each had a trillion dollars, then we would be equally impoverished.

  2. aelfheld

    Women Different from Men, NYT Declares

    Wonder what tipped them off?

    • n.n

      This is actually a remarkable epiphany. If NYT with its far-reaching voice recognizes our inherent differences, then perhaps there is hope for humanity yet. This may mark a return to reason and reasonable behavior.

  3. Tallyman

    The Night of the Passover of Gaia. Tonight, Gaia’s Harpy Angels of Destruction will passover the homes where the lights are extinguished, but will place the hideous mark of Gore upon all those whose lights are on and place their homes on the burn list, as the first to burn in the fiery Hell to come..

    Their chosen Master, a disciple of their messiah, Lord Rahm, has come for the schools.

    Have you no taste? A hunk with chicken legs?

    Next time, the stable is more appropriate for Biden and cheaper.

  4. ElinorRose

    “Earth Hour: millions prepare to switch off the lights
    Oh, that’s tonight. Almost forgot…”

    In the article, energy experts warn that Earth Hour may actually result in an increase in carbon emissions and strain electricity grids because fossil-fueled power stations will have to fire back up when everybody turns the lights back on.

    Then comes a truly “Hypocrite of the Day” worthy remark:
    “But WWF maintains Earth Hour is not about saving energy but raising awareness.”
    Ah, once again they want us to judge them based on their intentions, not their actions.

    • n.n

      Activism through symbolism. They are not willing to lead through example. Perhaps they know an inconvenient truth.

  5. koala

    School Closing Opponents Call Mayor A Racist Liar

    It pays to do your homework.

  6. Palmetto

    Two times a year I spare not expense in lighting — the Christmas season and Earth Hour. Thanks for the heads-up or I might have missed it this year.

  7. Palmetto

    Miss Israel: Obama ‘world-class hunk’

    She must be talking about another Barack Obama. Has she seen ours on his bike, at the beach or in a pair of bermuda shorts on the golf course? If she has, she could not have made that statement with a straight face..

  8. Palmetto

    Women Different from Men, NYT Declares

    First, let me say “Duh!”

    While I agreed with the entire article, the best part of the whole story for me was just one sentence within the story: “The gal… senators are the superior sex because they’re getting things done that the Times’ likes; namely, pushing legislation favorable to lib causes.”

    This is why Libs embrace women. And they are willing to sacrifice them even as far as a battlefield to keep them in their embrace.

    I am (and always have been – you have to clarify that these days) a woman. I wouldn’t recommend any of you depend on me to lob a grenade very far from my body, carry a person down a ladder from a fire, chase a criminal wearing a lead vest and pounds of miscellaneous police accoutrement, or even to even hit a baseball far enough to get past first base.

    But if you want an excellent administrative assistant, wallpaper hanger/painter, a shoulder to cry on, a hand-knitted sweater, a homemade dinner with dessert, or a nurturer, I’m your gal. Except I will never in my life push for anything lib related, so they wouldn’t like me anyway.

  9. RightSide

    ” Earth Hour: millions prepare to switch off the lights

    Oh, that’s tonight. Almost forgot…”

    And I just fired up my electric kiln that’s going to draw extra current tonight. How wonderful! My own counter protest 🙂

    • n.n

      Turn off a light, but don’t you dare light a candle. Apparently, the combustion process used by candles to produce light, and heat, is less efficient than that used to produce electricity from carbon-based fuels.

      Oh, and forget the solar panels, because as primary energy producers, they wreck environmental carnage, principally through massive displacement of plants, animals, and humans.

      Then there are the windmills, where tens of thousand of birds and bats fail to run the gauntlet, and are needlessly slaughtered while passing through those idyllic blades.

      Of course, neither solar panels nor windmills are actually green (i.e. environmentally friendly) or renewable. Only their drivers (i.e. sun and wind) are green and renewable in the practical sense and even in the strictest marketing terms.

      • RightSide

        And there are hundreds if not a thousand plus idle and/or disabled windmils in Tehachapi Pass (California) alone. These things break down and are abandoned because they are too small, There were plans to add even more but mega sized ones (450 feet tall). Those plans were abandoned last I heard. Even in wind prone areas it’s not reliable. Some there lose a prop and become useless. Not forgetting to mention the carbon footprint to make the things to begin with is huge. Oh and my kiln is really sucking the juice now — going up to 1945 degrees.

      • n.n

        Their value is application specific. The current technology will never be suitable for primary energy production, in most areas of the world, and for most people’s needs. They will not without great effort ever be reasonably isolated from the environment. So, the rational person would evaluate these technologies with criteria other than that proposed by the marketing department.

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