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Yoko OnoConsidering there are approximately 1,200 mayors in the United States, to say that three-quarters of them are for some sort of gun control could be considered  a stretch. Pardon my skepticism when it comes to take-our-word-for-it claims without substantiation.

Join more than 900 mayors and over 1.4 million supporters to demand that Congress take action to end gun violence.
Yoko Ono Tweet

And again, while law-abiding gun owners’ rights are going to be impacted, there is still no word on how these “supporters” plan on getting criminals to comply. I know… details.

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  1. GoodMojo1

    Why just “gun violence”? If government action can stop violence of any kind, why not take action against all violence?

  2. Tallyman

    If 900 mayors and 1.4 million others say a stupid thing, it still is a stupid thing. Is gun violence bad and knife or club violence good? The evil in the hearts of men will always find an outlet. The evil in tyrants or oppressing oligarchies requires unarmed subjects. Yoko, your imagined good intentions are out weighed by the reality of repressive subjugating governments..

    • n.n

      You would think that environmentalists, human and civil rights advocates, and unions, would be at the forefront to oppose gun control. They of all people should appreciate the value of competing interests, as well as increasing risk and opportunity costs to unfavorable minority interests.

      • Tallyman

        Environmentalists, human and civil rights advocates, and unions want to become controlling ruling oligarchies. There is no higher level thinking for them, only an emotional craving for dominance, which they know would be negated by armed nay-sayers.

      • n.n

        I am, of course, referring to people with integrity. They may be few and far between, but they do exist. They did exist, and served a useful purpose.

        Unfortunately, today, they progressed from a reactive (principled) movement, to an organized movement, and finally to a for-profit enterprise. This is the path followed by too many reactive movements, which fail to evaluate and recharacterize their purpose. They are usurped by opportunists and fanatics.

  3. Igor

    Sorry, Yoko, your opinion is not worh a tinker’s dam. Sure, your soulmate was ambushed and killed by another wacko, but that can happen ANYwhere at ANY time. Think Chapman cared about “no guns allowed” crap?

    Koala, I too am with you on keeping the crazies from getting ANY guns. Or knives, n.n

  4. koala

    Ii am all for keeping guns out of the hands of liberals.

  5. n.n

    Paradoxically, gun control enables gun violence, precisely because criminals do not comply with proscriptive measures. Reducing risk and lowering opportunity costs will invite commissions of redistributive and retributive change by criminal minority interests.

    It’s notable that Ono recognizes the death of a few thousand people, but disregards the death of around one million. Also, who is committing gun violence? The majority is government agents run amuck, gang members ignoring the law, and individual suicides.

    The greater violence is committed by scalpel and vacuum. We need scalpel and vacuum control to end abortion violence.

    Let’s turn the scalpel around and spay the female, and perhaps also neuter the male, when they reject responsibility for their voluntary actions.


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