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Sasha, Malia Obama Vacation at Bahamas’ ‘Atlantis’ Resort
Obama’s Excesses and Shared Sacrifice
Media Matters: Breitbart’s Matt Boyle Disregards Security Concerns And Journalistic Tradition To Write About Obama Daughters’ Vacation
Flashbacks: Media Scrubs Malia Obama Vacation Story, U.S. Embassy Asks Bush Twins to Leave Country, Buenos Aires and the Bush daughters in heat
How would the media react if the nation was enduring “sequester” drama and the Bush twins were off on lavish vacations at taxpayer expense? There would be no “journalistic tradition” and/or expectation of privacy for them, and deservedly so.

Joe Biden’s trip abroad gets even costlier with $322K limo bill ON TOP of $1million hotel stays
Sequester: Pentagon Suspends Thunderbird, Blue Angel Air Shows
Obama Designates 5 New National Monuments
But let the political elite party on!
Special Forces commander: ‘Constabulary force’ coming
Socialists will be socialists
Michele Bachmann’s Presidential Campaign Investigated By Ethics Watchdog
Deserving or not, destroy Bachmann and ignore Obama’s many campaign irregularities
The Cruz Birthers
Hillary supporters were the original “birthers”. They know what they’re doing
Guantánamo hunger strike grows; 3 captives hospitalized
How about a good ol’ fashioned hunger strike with a no-IV guarantee…
Cyprus banks remain closed to avert run on deposits
Cyprus bail-out: savers will be raided to save euro in future crises, says eurozone chief
Once you let a politician into your pocket, it’s only a matter of time before they touch skin
Navy Announces USS Gabrielle Giffords
There was a time when you had to be dead and gone before receiving such an honor
Will We Get Another 11 Million Illegals after an Amnesty?
If the past is any indicator, hell yes
Robert Reich: “There Is Nothing That Is Particularly Important About Balancing The Budget”
The politics of the small
Education Department posts, then removes quote by Mao Zedong
These are the incompetents tasked with educating our kids
Dems seek to expand school lunch program to weekends, holidays
I’m tired of asking where the money will come from to pay for yet another program expansion
Can gay marriage survive SCOTUS loss?
Not if the judges send it back to the states (as they should)
N Korea ‘combat posture to hit US’
We’re sure not a superpower anymore. Mission accomplished, Obama
Moen retirees to lose health care insurance
Flashback: BROKEN PROMISE: Why ObamaCare Will Force Americans to Lose the Health Care Coverage They Have and Like
So much for his word (again)
Amanda Knox acquittal overturned, new trial ordered for 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher
Cute girls don’t always get away with it
Soaring Social Security disability rolls headed for collapse
Never let a good crisis go to waste
Global warming: if only we’d listened to the experts, eh?
UK nuclear deal could “displace” precious renewables funding
Whatever (really) works
Elizabeth Warren’s Fuzzy Math
Just seeing her name makes me want to move on
Jim Carrey’s ‘Cold Dead Hand’ Blames Charlton Heston for Country’s Gun Violence
NEA’s Legacy: $310 Million in Direct Campaign Spending Since 2000
And the left questions why we want to defund the NEA…
Neighbors thrilled by NJ man’s $338M Powerball win
Approximately $235 million goes to the state and feds because they say so
Malachi ThroneMalachi Throne, Actor on TV, Dies at 84
Great actor
Obama Expects April Senate Debate on Immigration
Guess who’ll be out on the road again…
Obama to rally his base with guns and gays
See? I feel like shooting myself
Judge denies bail to contractor accused of giving military secrets to Chinese girlfriend
Chinese citizen sentenced in military data-theft case
Is stealing all the bad ass Chinese are really good at? Can’t they come up with their own shit?
Arrest of Anti-Islamist Figures Is Ordered in Egypt
Obama’s state department assured us the Muslim Brotherhood was non-secular
Senate OKs licenses for illegal immigrants
A welcome mat
Are We Being ‘Set-Up?’
The left always finds a back door. Don’t forget the ObamaCare “vote”
Chris Matthews Claims Michele Bachmann’s Criticism Of Obama Racially Motivated
Jive honky, puh-leez (Wow, I never thought I’d ever have a reason to use that sorry term ever again!)
Are Benghazi Survivors Hiding In A Washington, D.C. Hospital?
This kinda reminds me of the movie “Capricorn One”, without O.J.

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5 Responses

  1. aelfheld

    Neighbors thrilled by NJ man’s $338M Powerball win
    Approximately $235 million goes to the state and feds because they say so

    Using the figures cited in the article – $152 million after taxes on a lump sum payout of $221 million – gives a tax rate of about 31%. This calculated rate would result in a tax on the entire $338 million of $104 million.

    Would you please explain how you came up with a tax rate of 70%?

    • Bob Parks

      It was early and I heard a radio report this morning that said the winner would walk away with around $103 million. I admit to doing math in my head without verification.

      • aelfheld

        I figured it was either something like that or a d—-d good reason to avoid New Jersey in all circumstances. 😉

  2. Palmetto

    While they don’t seem to do a whole lot as a family group at any time(how can you when Dad is on the golf course almost every single day of any given vacation and most weekends), how could they possibly even consider sending off two girls that young on a vacation by themselves? Do all people with money do this kind of thing, or is it just us peons who take family vacations and actually spend time with the kids?

  3. Tallyman

    Let them eat broccoli, while my daughters will go to Paradise Island, thus spake the Queen..

    Lizzy Warren failed affirmative wampum.
    Bring the sheeple lambs back into the school pens on weekends, or their minds might develop independent thoughts.
    See the joy of a benevolent Government heaven in Cyprus. You don’t need money when the State is your master..


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