The B&R Saturday Skim

North Korea releases video of Kim Jong-un firing a handgun
Uh oh. Now he went too far…

Obama Budget to Cap Retirement Accounts at $3 Million
This could be the straw…
States differ in how they treat Dreamer youths
Sad how everyone is to blame for their plight except the parents (who intentionally broke the law)
Hillary Clinton Would Not ‘Clear the Field’ for 2016
Hillary Clinton’s Every Public Move Generates Buzz
Yeah, flies do that too
Suicide Risk Linked to Rates of Gun Ownership, Political Conservatism
If true, why is the left complaining?
IRS High-Tech Tools Track Your Digital Foorprint
More toothpaste
Diplomacy downplay: Obama administration minimizes latest North Korean nuke threat
If Obama can’t be found on Wednesday, then we should be concerned
RNC Spokesman: Chief of Staff’s Remarks ‘Inartful’
No shit, but probably sincere and that’s the RNC’s problem
Caterpillar Laying Off 460 Workers at Illinois Plant
Flashback: Obama: Caterpillar to rehire if stimulus passes
Catholic Gonzaga University won’t allow Catholic students to form Catholic group
Then why go there?
Who is Diana Louise DeGette?
America’s newest adjective
Florida man charged with threatening to kill Obama
“… and the entire local sheriff’s department”
I guess you have to take this guy seriously
Biden: ‘Affirmative Task’ Before Us Is to ‘Create a New World Order’
What would we do without ol’ Joe? Attacks 13-Year-Old Alex, Caller Who Said He’d Debunked the Global Warming Hoax
Liberals who indoctrinate children are cowards, and bullies when they attack free thinkers
Hallmark Channel to air ‘Kitten Bowl’ on Super Bowl Sunday; Animal Planet responds
Equality, right?
Wesley Snipes released from prison after serving three years for tax evasion
He should go back to prison if he makes Blade IV
Obama’s feeble salary ‘sacrifice’
Vice President Joe Biden Holds Off on Donating Salary
Way too late for the media to be discovering what kind of people these are
DPS crime lab scientist was promoted despite problems with work
No one of importance was harmed
Obama Losing Hope on Passing Gun Control
Because it was for all the wrong reasons
Pro-lifers call abortion doctor a murderous racist
OMG, conservatives used the r-word!

One Response

  1. Tallyman

    The police and its labs are part of Big Government. Do you trust?

    The little 13 year old boy saw there was nothing inside the god of global warming idol.

    The Caterpillar has fallen tripped to the ground.

    Kim is more skillful with a gun and has disssed Barack. Let’s end this with a shoot-out at the Fukishima corral. Kim v. Barack at high noon Korean time..

    Cankles is standing on her wide supports.

    What happens when one of the messiah’s hopes dies?


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