The B&R Sunday Skim

Man Gets 7 Years for Stealing Obama’s Teleprompter
There are some things that cannot be let off easy

1,500 Page Immigration Bill to Drop One Day Before Only Hearing?
How many on the Hill will even attempt to read the summary?
Billionaires, Rappers, and Former Lobbyists Give to OFA
Obviously some “millionaires and billionaires” are okay
Voter Fraudster Amy Busefink Lobbies Texas Legislature to Conceal Voter Fraud
Now THAT’s a sign of desperation
Battle waged over proposed deletion of disgraced abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell’s Wikipedia page
When libs decide it’s time to censor, you know a nerve has been struck
Dems run from Progress Kentucky as group appears to implode in another McConnell attack
With the midterms coming, this will not be unique to Kentucky
The Golf World Is Outraged That Tiger Woods Didn’t Get Disqualified
Tiger Woods Escaping Disqualification means CBS, IBM Escape Ratings Downfall
Must be the money…
Sebelius: We ‘Have Our Hands Full’ with ObamaCare, Can’t Prepare for Immigration Reform Impact
Sometimes arrogance gives way to the reality of incompetence
Remington Sells Out To NY For $80 Million ‘Sniper’ Rifles Government Contract
You can’t trust anyone nowadays
Violent crime spiking in wealthy Manhattan neighborhoods
What happens when politicians tell the public a segment of our society is evil
Mastermind behind plans to disrupt Thatcher funeral is Oxford student whose parents live in £700,000 house in Tunbridge Wells
Liberals always find someone to leech off of
GOP: Obama’s budget levies $1 trillion in new taxes; That’s compromise?
Only a fool would expect Obama to compromise
Pierce Brosnan Backs First Black James Bond
Kingpin, Robert Neville, Nick Fury, now this. Try making Dr. Huxtable white and see what happens…
Torn Tendon Ends Bryant’s Season
As a Bostonian, I despise the Kobe and the Lakers, but I’d rather see them get beat ON the court
Medicare hike in Obama budget could hit some in middle class
Elections have consequences
The Obamas’ falling tax rate
Some loopholes are good for certain people
Police officer fired for offering fellow cops Trayvon Martin target for shooting practice
We want to assume the police are intelligent, but it would appear there are exceptions
Ding dong, the … BBC to cut Thatcher protest song short
Sometimes it’s okay to tell children to “Shut up!”
Durbin, Obama linked to defunct Chicago nonprofit under investigation
While they’ll both get away with it, it’ll be nice to watch a little squirming
Duval teacher tells 4th graders to give up constitutional rights
I am starting to run out of adjectives for these so-called teachers
Inside North Korea: No Ads, No Planes, No Internet, No Mobiles, No 21st Century
In other words, a depressing black hole
U.S., China agree to cooperate on Korea crisis
An agreement, but consider the players involved…
Bill Maher: “The Role Model for Every President Should be Jimmy Carter”
Ya, sure
North Korea Threatens Colorado City, Inaccurately
N. Korea’s leader not seen in public for 2 weeks
I did say something about a possible coup. It’s not like the little shit’s not overdue for a reality check
ICE deny targeting Irish undocumented in Boston raids and arrests
The Boston Irish are finding out what it’s like to be a taken-for-granted Democrat voting block
Sen. Sessions: Immigration Reform Bill ‘Will Not Withstand Public Scrutiny’
Neither did ObamaCare, which is why they didn’t want us to read it before they passed it

4 Responses

  1. n.n

    Policies, and the principles which direct them, must be internally, externally, and mutually consistent. The most obvious principles are a respect for individual dignity and recognition that human life is sacred. Unfortunately, our policies and popular culture do not always reflect those principles, and are even incompatible with them. It is this discrepancy which sponsors progressive corruption.

    For the people who advocate the normalization of dysfunctional behaviors, it is about advancing their material, economic, and social standing. For the people who have exploited or tolerated the behavior, it is about dreams of material, physical, and ego instant (or immediate) gratification without perceived consequences. The actual consequences of normalizing elective abortion undermines any and all claims to a superior moral position.

  2. NRPax

    Try making Dr. Huxtable white and see what happens…

    I try to start every day with a bit of humor. Lo and behold, Bob is happy to provide for today.

  3. Tallyman

    Its only intelligent life, TOTUS, returns to the White House,

    The Great Black Golf Hope cannot die.

    North Korea shows us the New World Energy Order’s Paradise where it’s dark all night and energy is conserved.

    Manhatttanites are experiencing the joy of Progressive Liberal fantasies good and hard.

    The slug slime trails from Chicago corruption lead to the White House and Durbin.

    Barack’s fair share is less than your fair share, because he is more equal than you.

  4. koala

    1,500 Page Immigration Bill to Drop One Day Before Only Hearing?
    How many on the Hill will even attempt to read the summary?
    Have we learned anything yet?


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