The B&R Thursday Skim

Lawmakers, aides may get Obama exemption
ObamaCare is so great, this tells you all you need to know about it

GE Capital cuts off lending to gun shops
Obama picks the losers, his cronies cut off the winners
Promise of shale gas throws ‘unexpected wrench’ into Germany’s green energy plans
Resources minister touting Keystone in U.S. slams climate scientist
What works always seems to catch the left off guard
White House downplays Kerry’s remarks that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was radicalized in Russia
For the “smartest administration ever”, they sure say a lot of dumb things
In Friendly ‘Chat’ With Obama, NBC’s Guthrie Asks About His Dance Skills and Viral Videos
Let’s not even get into what would happen should a conservative ask a black president about his dancing
Schumer-Rubio Bill Creates Millions of New Voters in Just 5 Years
If new voters leaned Republican, Schumer could give a shit about them
MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Hints O’Reilly Believes Obama’s a Secret Muslim
You have to admit there are times he acts like one
Judge skeptical of Obama in executive privilege fight
Big Sis: Obama Admin Can Pick Which Laws to Enforce
And imagine what would happen to us should we pick which laws we chose to obey…
School forces all girls to lesbian kiss
Nazi role-playing at Santa Monica High School causes stir
Nah, the left doesn’t indoctrinate in schools…
Utah teacher accused of rape
Woman-on-girl and no mention of the word “gay” or “lesbian”
Bombing Suspect Immediately Stops Talking After Government Reads Him His Miranda Rights
Well, duh!
Could Kermit Gosnell be acquitted?
Depending on how many in the jury are pro-choice sympathizers, yes
JamieHahnSuspect in Jamie Hahn stabbing made questionable campaign reports, ex-congressman says
Now Democrats are killing off their own
2nd Miss. man investigated in ricin case
The feds were clearly sent to find someone (as the intended targets were our ruling elite), anyone, NOW!
Officials: Boston suspect had no firearm when barrage of bullets hit hiding place
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is lucky. The NYPD or LAPD would had shot him into ground beef
Day after cracks were found, Bangladesh factory collapse leaves 125-plus dead
Exploitation is an ugly thing
Susan Rice: Sack U.N. official for Boston Marathon essay
Going back to Germany, name one country we’ve annexed after defeating (and rebuilding)… one?
Immigration Reform Becomes A Welfare Welcome Wagon
Not only do illegals take the jobs Americans won’t do, we get those Mexico doesn’t want
Wife of ‘Boston bomber’ was arrested for shoplifting from clothes store – years before his mother was hit with similar charges
This whole family was fucked up
CIA pushed to add Boston bomber to terror watch list
U.S. Was Alerted to Bombing Suspect’s Travel to Russia
Bureaucratic Mismanagement May Have Allowed Bombings
Political correctness doesn’t help either
If Malia and Sasha get tattoos, then we will too: President Obama reveals how he and Michelle deter rebellion with embarrassment
Barack and Michelle are embarrassments to us all
Mayor’s nephew ‘shot dead a grandmother, 65, young couple and children aged 1 and 5 in suburban home’
Checked several posts about this and can’t find the mayor’s party association for some reason. Then again, it’s never time to play party politics when Dems are involved, right?
Has The Gay Marriage Slippery Slope Started? Slate Writer Calls for Legalizing Polygamy
Damn, it’s hard enough trying to find ONE good woman…
Major leftist group now tied to ‘domestic terror’
The left won’t have it both ways this time
Chris Matthews Calls Mitch McConnell a SOB
I know violence has no place in the political discourse, but if Chris Matthews said something like that to my face, I’d drop his old ass
Barney Frank compares al-Qaeda to Tea Party
Both group names can be said with the lisp
Gang Leader Impregnates Four Female Prison Guards
Okay, I’ll say it slowly this time: there are jobs men do that women should not
Conservative Koch Brothers Circling Tribune Newspapers Including LA Times: NYT
Don’t Let the Koch Brothers Buy the Media
Liberals (Gerorge Soros) don’t like competition

4 Responses

  1. Igor

    Don’t Let the Koch Brothers Buy the Media

    Liberals (Gerorge Soros) don’t like competition

    Sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander. Funnier’n heck! Go, Koch Brothers!!

  2. Richard White

    “Has The Gay Marriage Slippery Slope Started? Slate Writer Calls for Legalizing Polygamy”

    Soooo, how about marrying one’s gerbil? Or one’s dead aunt? Or Mt. McKinley? Or the planet Tralfamidor? Or all of the above?

    The real question here is “Where do we draw the line?”

    And then, “Why there and not somewhere else?”

    The problem is that few people on either side of this issue think about these things, and so they really can’t answer them.

    • n.n

      We cannot reasonably draw the line anywhere. With the normalization of homosexual behavior, there is no legitimate argument to prevent normalization of any form and kind of relationship, including inter-species. With the normalization of elective abortion (i.e. discrimination based on age or stage of development), there is no legitimate argument to prevent normalization of murder, rape, etc. With the normalization of involuntary exploitation (e.g. redistributive change) and institutional discrimination (i.e. “diversity”), there is no legitimate argument to prevent normalization of any form of involuntary exploitation, including slavery.

      People incorrectly understand that evolution implies positive progress. They also incorrectly understand that progress is always positive. Evolution is simply a chaotic process, while progress is simply monotonic, incremental change.

      There is a reason why the Left embraces a progressive ideology. It is necessary to overcome latent resistance to change (i.e. inertia) in the population. Unfortunately, their concept of progress is ambiguous and contentious. It is often unqualified and, in fact, of a negative character.

  3. Tallyman

    Barack Hussein was born a Muslim, if Obama Sr.was his father.

    In re immigration reform: Welfare pays better than most low paid jobs in all States. They might be uneducated and low IQ, but even the dumbest sees where the others are feeding, or the reality will be almost all head to welfare. Even, our terrorists drive Mercedes on our dole.

    Sorry, Rubio for President, we know you’ll not pick up much of the Hispanic vote, either on or off welfare. Compromisers are always losers.

    The NY Times cannot be saved. All its readers are now terminally brain dead.

    The DC pigs are more equal than the other animals..

    Barack dances a mean Shyster-Two-Step and you should see him getting down low doing the Weasel-Squirm.


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