Dolphins: Mike Wallace’s remarks “do not reflect the views” of the organization
Mike Wallace Apologizes for Insensitive Tweet Made After Jason Collins Comes Out
There is no free speech once you sign that mega contract, i.e. dissing a referee.
It looks like NFL machismo is also going to be PC neutered as well

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  1. GoodMojo1

    The 28 Amendment? “The right to engage in rear entry and appliance play without negative comment, shall not be infringed.”

  2. koala

    If he had refered to the beautiful women as bitches and hos it would not have been a big deal. Why should he apologize for not understanding Collins? Wallace needs to state he is heterosexual and proud of it.

    • Troy Hailey

      Plus, that he as “born that way” — and thus he may not be judged/condemned for his “homophobia”.
      Sauce for the gander, and all that.

  3. n.n

    The PC pecking order should have become clear, when Obama praised Collins’s commission of a “hate crime” as “heroic.”

  4. RightSide

    I am NOT sorry to say people have got to grow a set of balls and say FU to these panty waist fudge packers. Don’t apologize demand THEY apologize for raising a stink over a matter of opinion. FM, Fm , FM! Now ask me how I really feel?!

  5. Tallyman

    The media Inquisitors exact a contrition, but refuse absolution for Mike Wallace. PC is control and elimination of the non-believers, the apostate and the enemies of their gods. What their priests or intellectia fear is that their god’s or god-substitute’s dogma could become irrelevant. Their dogma can not be authenticated by application in the real world and is held only as a belief. If their beliefs are doubted, ridiculed or disproved, they and their god no longer control. They crave power over others as a validation of their worthless selves and their dead gods.

    The Dalai Lama claimed China destroyed Tibetan monastery life by not allowing the admission of boys before puberty to the monastery and those same boys at eighteen became too interested in females to want a life in a monastery. Is homosexuality just stunted growth? Is homosexuality a genetic defect that will not reproduce? Darwin provides the final solution for individuals and herds.


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