Dan Rather: Bonehead Of The Day

Dan Rather: ‘Very Difficult’ For Obama To Compromise With GOP’ers Who ‘Want To Cut Out His Heart’
This from the man who had a “fake by accurate” knife ready for Bush on the weekend before an election

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  1. Igor

    It is “extremely difficult” for me to believe anything that comes out of Dan Blather’s mouth. I wouldn’t even expect him to tell me the correct time of day.

  2. Tallyman

    Danny-boy fears that truth could be more destructive than the lies he used for decades. Danny-boy fears his media created papermache messiah will be treated as a GOP pinata. Deep down, Danny-boy knows Barack is an empty shell, a Potemkin Village idiot wearing an intellectual mask.. . .

    • Tim Beaman

      People still listen to him? How many fake stories does it take for you to be ignored? Well MSM been doing it for years so I guess I answered myself.

      • Igor

        When you’re right, nobody remembers, when you’re wrong, the Libtard Media makes sure nobody forgets. Even if the Libtards are lying to begin with!
        (Does not apply to Democrap members of ANY government.)

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