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Looks like we’ll soon REALLY find out who won the Congressional election between Allen West and Patrick Murphy.

True the Vote can now begin reconstruction and review of the 18th Congressional District election race between Colonel Allen West and Patrick Murphy,” True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht said. “We cannot allow slipshod standards to become pandemic across our country’s election processes – citizens can and will stand up in defense of election integrity.”

Now, if West did in fact win, let’s see how quickly THAT goes to court….

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  1. Tallyman

    No court could remove his opponent, only the House under its Speaker, the wimp Boehner, has the power under the Constitution, article I -section 5. West could sue the named parties by True the Vote for fraud and conspiracy, but that would not be resolved for years or would be dismissed by summary judgment by a politically motivated judge. The value of True the Vote’s report is to discredit the election of West’s opponent as a criminal fraud. Trust in government or government run elections is diminishing. Maybe enough fools will finally wake up and vote, instead of suffering the consequences. Next time, West’s supporters must understand the opposition has no moral or decency boundaries. For them the end justifies any means.


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